Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Fiction, Will Robinson! Free Fiction!

It's Friday, so let the weekend begin! It's another great collection of free fiction from many generous site! It's only polite to thank Regan Wolfrom and SF Signal, from whom I swiped a couple of links. It's Monty Python's Flying Circus! OK, not really on the last one.

[Art from "Know When to Hold 'Em," linked below]

 • At Buzzy Mag: "We’re All Super Here" by Michaele Jordan.
       "Esther opened the drawer; an old newspaper had been stuffed in on top, showing a headline which read Oldster Gang Trashes SS Office. Next to the headline, someone—probably Mom, judging by the handwriting—had scrawled, Beats Sunset Acres. Esther chuckled; Mom had never gone ten minutes without complaining about the assisted living facility where she resided. Then Esther remembered, again, and stopped chuckling."

 • At Nautilus:  "Know When to Hold 'Em" by K.G. Jewell. Science Fiction. [via SF Signal]
      "Huddled in the tiny attendant hut, Jonas checked, for the third time, the knob on the ancient space heater. It was still set on max. Usually the booth swung between hot and cold as the heater cycled on and off, but this evening the sub-zero winds of a Lake Huron cold front invaded Detroit, and the tiny glowing heating element fought a non-stop, losing battle."

• At The Red Penny Papers: "God on High or the Devil Below" by Jeffrey Wooten. [via SF Signal]
     “They’re trying to kill me.” Carl raised the head of his bed to get a better look at his new roommate. “You’ll see. They steal too, especially that big bastard.”

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Audio Fiction
• The Classic Tales Podcast: "Through the Looking Glass, Part 2 of 5" by Lewis Carroll. Children's Fantasy.
     "Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Looking-Glass Insects, a Walrus and a Carpenter and more."

• At Escape Pod: "Growing Up Human" by Laura Hobbs. Science Fiction. 
     Jonathan was ready.  "Consider the sociological components.  One:  Juxtaposed verbiage of ‘Wake up and go to sleep.’  Two:  A slap of dominance and subservience, which defined the human condition.  And three:  Highly skilled competents feigning incompetence as part of their profession.”  Jonathan turned his back to the screen.

• At Pseudopod: "The End-Of-The-World Pool" by Scott M. Roberts. Horror.
     "The pool was as warm as sweat. Evan kicked away from the surface, algae shifting and bumping against his bare legs. Even with his mouth squeezed tight, he could taste the foulness of the water, like it had seeped through his ears to touch the back of his throat."

• At Tales to Terrify: "Episode No. 76"  "Dolls" by Drake Vaughn and "Creepdoll" by Gareth Stack. Horror.
     "a lonely bachelor takes a desperate step to finding romance by posing as a single father through the purchase of a hyper-realistic child doll he names Lucy. To his amazement, the scheme works, and he finds himself in a wonderful relationship with a spicy single mother. But what will happen when Lucy doesn’t age like a real child, or anyone discovers that she prefers being plugged into an outlet than munching cheerios?" - Tangent.

• At DriveThruRPG: Pathways #27. (free membership required)
     "How can you say "No" to a free collection of Pathfinder templates, NPCs, Feng Shui feats, Apeiron Staffs, and a free preview of 101 Not So Random Encounters Winter? If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Keith Seymour will send a Watchmen Silver Dragon after you! "

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