Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Know It's Only Free Fiction But I Like It, Like It, Yes, I Do

More good free fiction including, a classic by Philip Wylie, a poem by Jane Yolen, and audio stories by Mary Robinette Kowal and William Hope Hodgson.  Likely More to Come Tonight (including e-books). Until then, be sure to visit all six"Free SF Sites" linked in the right hand column.

[Art for Drabblecast, linked below]

• At Baen: "Seven Miles" by T.C. McCarthy. Science Fiction.
     "Come." He adjusted the incinerator straps, flicked off the safety, and angled his body so that he could squeeze out the narrow portal. Ludmilla followed, her tail between her legs. "It's clear, Ludy, another day of work. Up!" The sound of his voice made her tail go straight, wagging, and she moved to lead the way." Also available as part of the free e-book Free Stories 2013.

• At Baen: "The Lamplighter Legacy" by Patrick O'Sullivan. Science Fiction.
     "The astronaut gripped Ernesto's wrist. 'Look, kid, you want to put the phone down and look around?' He had to shout to be heard over the helicopter's deafening noise. 'This is a once in a lifetime experience.'"

• At HiLobrow: "The Devolutionist - part 18" by Homer Eon Flint. Occult. Science Fiction.
     "Mona leaped to the controls. She turned the craft about automatically and started toward Hafen. Then she glanced over the side. What she saw brought her heart to her throat." From Argosy All-Story Weekly, July 1921.

• At Project Gutenberg: "Gladiator" by Philip Wylie. (1930) Science Fiction. [via Free Speculative Fiction Online]
     "The chief obstacle to Mrs. Danner's placid dominion of her hearth was Professor Danner's laboratory, which occupied a room on the first floor of the house. It was the one impregnable redoubt in her domestic stronghold. Neither threat nor entreaty would drive him and what she termed his 'stinking, unchristian, unhealthy dinguses' from that room."

Now Posted: Aphelion Issue 174, Volume 17 June 2013. Science Fiction. Fantasy.
• "The Plague Merchants" by Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
     "A beer-swilling android and an attractive, uptight virologist try to save the Kloakan people."
• "Forever" by Kat Dysart
        "Kira wanted to get past that door hidden beneath the cellar more than anything.
• "Dimensional Shift" by E.S. Strout
        "Lt. Lori Colquitt disappeared into the unknown, but in the end, she found herself."
• "Soul Mates" by D.C. Plump
        "Two fallen angels fight vampires in a dark, urban fantasy with weapons and their love for each other."
• "The Demon Whitefish" by Jordan Moureau
       "The fate of the village rested in the fisherman's widow and a nobleman's servant."
• "The Pool" by Lester Curtis
      "A fable of sorts, exploring who we really are."
• "Escape of the Fire Demon" by Mike Phillips
      "Summoning a demon turns out to be a burning problem for an inexperienced wizard."
• "Heaven Falls" by Craig Wesson
     "Zach survived the war in the trenches by hearing the girl in the tower sing and dreaming of the princess from the sky."
• "The Seventh Folding of Willow Sprite" by Marjorie Kaye
      "The internet can do a lot: bring people together, find us love, and just maybe scare the heck out of us."
• "No Further" by Matthew Acheson
     "The dead were coming and all that was left of the Legion would face them, once and for all."• "Good Night, Timmy" by Rick Grehan
     "Timmy can’t talk, and he does not have any friends. However, that is about to change, thanks to an extra-terrestrial artifact."
Flash Fiction
• At Chilling Tales For Dark Nights: "Faces" by Christina Cross. Horror. Audio.
• At Daily Science Fiction: "Dark, Beautiful Force" by Jessica May Lin. Superhero.
• At Flashes in the Dark: "Like Fallen Pieces of an Old Picket Fence" by Van Hall. Horror.
• At Nature: "Buzz Off" by John Grant. Science Fiction.
• At 365 Tomorrows: "Party for Two" by Kevin Richards. Science Fiction.
At Goblin Fruit: Fantasy Poems.
At Aphelion: Poetry.
Audio Fiction
• At Author's Site: "Swallow" by Mateo Hellion. Horror.
      "In the dark corners of the earth, there are certain objects that carry curses with them.  They come in many forms.  In this particular story, an old chest is the object of interest.  When certain words are inscribed on this chest and then recited in its presence, strange things happen.  And when the chest happens ..." Also in MP3 download Here (scroll down to the 16th).

• At DrabbleCast:  "Doubleheader XIII" Fantasy.
     "Locked In" and "Clockwork Chickadee" by Mary Robinette Kowal.
     "Samuel sat on the balcony, enjoying the fading light of day. When the ventilator pushed air into his lungs, he savored the salt brine from the sea. He pretended that he had control over breath, but it was much a fantasy as adjusting his wheelchair."

• At PodCastle: "The Copperroof War" by Megan Arkenberg. Fantasy.
     "It began in the south wing, near the long cold Hall of Empires and the chambers of the Duke of Cloud. Helene, the Duchess, woke at midnight to the metal sound of marching in the corridor, and farther away, the hollow ring of drums."

• At SFFaudio: "The Voice In The Night" by William Hope Hodgson. Horror.
     " With there being no wind, we had steadied the tiller, and I was the only man on deck.  The crew, consisting of two men and a boy, were sleeping forrard in their den;  while Will — my friend, and the master of our little craft — was aft in his bunk on the port side of the little cabin."

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