Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominations - Free Short Speculative Fiction

The Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominations for 2013  for achievement in New Zealand science fiction, fantasy, horror, and science fiction fandom.are out. The full list of nominees is available at the link above.  However, this being the ever cheap QuasarDragon, we love free stuff and all five short story nominees are avaliable, at least until early July, for free downloads. Most are easy to find at there sites, but "Hope is the Thing with Feathers" is in the right column of its site, about 3/4th the way down.

Short Stories
At Royal Society of New Zealand: "Hope is the Thing with Feathers" by Lee Murray.
     "Dan nods. Brin’s a battler. He’s never known his daughter to roll over on anything. Even as a baby she’d clamp her mouth shut the first sign of anything green, wave her plastic spoon about like Hōne Heke with an axe. Determination like that has to count for something. Dan leans sideways and grips his wife’s hand. Kate’s lips are thin."

At The Tomorrow Project: "Dying for the Record" by A. J. Ponder.
      "My ears are assaulted by a thin whine, and my eyes struggle open against the painfully bright light. The disorientation lasts a moment longer as everything feels and smells like sunlight and sandpaper all at once. At least the bits that aren’t numb."

At Wily Writers: "Wearing the Star Cloak" by Darian Smith.
      "There’s a moment, just before waking, when I forget it’s gone. I feel the ghost of it on my shoulders, the warmth inside. It boosts my confidence and makes me stronger. I am more myself. I am ready to rule the islands and mould the day to my bidding. "

At Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine:
"Paint by Numbers" by Dan Rabarts.
     "Another work complete. Still no reason why. Subroutines whir in the background, compiling the data, searching for meaning, for light in the darkness. What my hands do with the brush, the sponge, the paint, is a distant thing, something I merely observe. SYSTEM: STABLE"
Better Phones” by Grant Stone.
      "The pack ran past a second later, not slowing, although Carl gave him a wave. No time to warm up. Kerry plugged his earphones in and started running, fumbling with his phone to patch in. The runners all had the same app, logging their time, relaying statistics and music over an ad-hoc network."

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