Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tip of the Free Fiction Iceberg

Some good free genre fiction to start the day, and much more to come this weekend.

[Art from "The Man Who Saw Through Time" in fiction below]


• At Giganotosaurus: "A House, Drifting Sideways" by Rahul Kanakia.
     "The leading edge of the crowd was just fifty feet below me. The mass of dirty limbs and garishly clothed torsos swayed, and arms were raised up. I waved, and the carpet of humanity rippled in time to my movements. I presumed they were cheering."

• At Online Pulps: "The Man Who Saw Through Time" by Leonard Raphael. Science Fiction.
         "Gary Fraxer went into the future and saw something that must not happen!" from Fantastic Adventures, September, 1941

• Now Posted: Ideomancer Vol. 12 No. 2 Speculative Fiction
"Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron" by A. C. Wise.
    "This is Bunny, their leader, born Phillip Howard Craft the Third. At the moment, she is up in the recruiter’s face, waving a poster of Uncle Sam under the aforementioned tagline, a floating head against a backdrop of Martian red."
Deux ex Chelonia by Vicki Saunders.
      "A house on a hill cannot be hid, but it can be remodeled. Stuccoed and columned, the ancient split level made a credible temple — until we lost the God."
• Now Posted: Interstellar Fiction #11. Science Fiction.
"A Memory Deferred" by Kurt MacPhearson
      “Good afternoon, Mr. Andrews,” the man on my doorstep said with a smile as genuine as a tattoo. “I’m Kellen Haversham, Customer Service Rep for SedorOn Health Systems, here to inform you of Project Reunion, an experimental breakthrough that now enables us to reunite you with your wife.”
"Atonement" by Shane Gavin
     “No, it’s not like that,” I said. “They pump you full of this mulch that speeds up your brain. It really did feel like fifty years.”
"X, Y, Z" by Robert Pritchard
     "They interrogated me for some hours because the details I gave of the crime were precise and plausible, but when they followed up they found no evidence of misdeeds. For example, the man I claimed to have killed was still alive, and in good health."
"Out of the Fire" by Ron Collins
     "My name is Randy Caldwell, and I’m eleven years old. I’m stuck in a box under the Frank’s place, but whatever you do don’t come get me or you’ll get transferred like I done."
Flash Fiction
• At 365 Tomorrows: "Police Control" by Stefan Aeschbacher. Science Fiction.
• At Ideomancer: (Speculative Poetry)
Audio Fiction
• At Clarkesworld: "From Babel’s Fall’n Glory We Fled . . ." by Michael Swanwick.
      "Imagine a cross between Byzantium and a termite mound. Imagine a jeweled mountain, slender as an icicle, rising out of the steam jungles and disappearing into the dazzling pearl-grey skies of Gehenna. Imagine that Gaudi—he of the Sagrada Familia and other biomorphic architectural whimsies—had been commissioned by a nightmare race of giant black millipedes to recreate Barcelona at the height of its glory"

Other Genres

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