Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Under the Dome (2013) - Television Review

Under the Dome - Episode 1 (2013). CBS
Other Ratings: IMDb 8.1

Brief Summary: The small, New England, town of Chester Falls suddenly finds itself under an apparently indestructible, invisible dome. As is to be expected, the first episode spends much of its time introducing the characters and dealing with the immediate consequences of the dome being dropped around the town. It also sets up the mystery of the town stockpiling massive amounts of propane.

The Good: The special effects are certainly good enough and the acting is roughly average for a TV movie.  There are interesting mysteries, especially the dome and the propane stockpile. 

The Bad: The same unlikable, clichéd characters that inhabit most Stephen King stories.  The mini-series already shows signs of starting to descend into melodrama and putting inter-character relations above what is otherwise an interesting story.  Thirteen episodes is likely too many to maintain any level of interest.  The plot might turn out to be merely a less subtle version of  "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"

Overall: This is a pretty good opening episode, but there are hints that it will spiral downhill (I hope I'm wrong). 

Final Grade: B

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