Thursday, July 18, 2013

But I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles For Free Fiction.

A few more good reading items for you, with several e-books (including two swiped from SF Signal, one each from John DeNardo and Regan Wolfrom, Bwa-ha-ha). And a cool free gaming 'zine for Star Frontiers (easily adaptable to any RPG if you go old-school and use the "best guess" method).

• At AmazonThe White Tree (The Cycle of Arawn) by Edward W. Robertson [via SF Signal]
• At Amazon: Sandman #1 by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Sam Kieth. Fantasy [via SF Signal]
At Free eBooks Daily:

Gaming E-Zine
• Now Posted: Frontier-Explorer- Issue #5.
A free PDF gaming magazine with articles for Star Frontiers
The issue content (articles) are:

  • A Vrusk Life In Song
  • Ice Cave Wolves of Alcazzar
  • Creating Plot Hook Laden Backgrounds
  • Backgrounds – Rooting Player Characters in the Setting
  • Crafting Personal RPG Quests
  • Financing A Frontier Freighter
  • The Yazirian Warrior Bard
  • The Assault Scout
  • The Albatross
  • Going for the Head
  • Oni-Senada Corporation
  • A Blast from the Past
  • Riddle Me This, Puzzle Me That
  • Dealing with Power Creep
  • To Live And Die In StarLight
  • Grymz Guide Comic #5

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