Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrating the Birth ... Cory Doctorow and J. Michael Straczynski

Today marks the birth of two writers who have relatively recently made significant contributions to the speculative fiction field.

Cory Efram Doctorow (born July 17, 1971)
A critically acclaimed science fiction author and copyright reform advocate, Doctorow's works are freely available in many places. Some of his freely available works are linked below. (PS - read "Craphound," it's good)

E-books at Project Gutenberg:
Audio Ficton
At Escape Pod:
At Beam Me Up: "Authorized Domain"
At StarShipSofa: "The Martian Chronicles - Parts One, Two, and Three"
At StarShipSofa: "To Go Boldly

Joseph Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954)
     Creator of television shows Babylon 5 and Jeremiah, comic book writer, and author of three horror novels, and more. Straczynski has done everything but make a fan of Sheldon Cooper.  Unfortunately no free fiction by Straczynski was found, but 26 episodes of Babylon 5 are currently available for free streaming at (Hopefully worldwide, but probably just in the U.S.)

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