Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free Comics, E-books, and More

There are quite a few interesting looking e-books linked in this post. And since many are free for a limited time, quickly grab the ones you want.  There are also a few cool classic comics, the latest audio horror fiction from Pseudopod, and the second chapter of "Best Served Cold" is up at Paizo.

[Art from Fell Winter in e-books]

• At Paizo: "Best Served Cold  - Chapter Two: Worse Than the Disease" by Ari Marmell. Fantasy.
     "The faintest shower of sleet, scarcely more than an icy fog, began to fall over the battlefield that had been the town of Kelbran. Just another instance of the peculiar freezes and unnatural weather afflicting eastern Touvette in recent months, but this time—as visibility grew cloudy and the churned muck of the earth thickened—it almost seemed a harbinger of the oncoming stranger."

• At Amazon: Nine Steps to Sara by Lisa Olsen. Ghost. [via Pixel of Ink]
• At Amazon: Anon by Peter Giglio. Horror. Thriller. [via Pixel of Ink]

At Free eBooks Daily:

At Smashwords:
Audio Fiction
• At Pseudopod: "Riding Atlas" by Ferrett Steinmetz. Horror.
     "‘Neither of you have eaten or drunk anything for twenty-four hours?' Ryan asked, hauling equipment into the room: sloshing plastic buckets, packs of hypodermic needles, coils of tubing, straps. 'And no drugs in your system? This is a pure trip. Just two bloods commingling. Any impurities will stop Atlas from getting inside you.'"


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