Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Said To My Neighbor Set My Fiction Free - Free Fiction

This concludes our free fiction day. Tune in tomorrow for e-zines, free fiction, and maybe more.

[Art for "Ziggurat" linked below]

 • At Anotherealm: "Rock-a-bye Baby" by Daphne Olivier. Science Fiction.
     "I read it twice, and after the second scan allowed myself to believe that Kane was right. The document had 'Special Delivery Priority Mail' printed in bold letters across the top. The words below announced that Kane Barton Jackson, identity number 5682001497, and Cela Serena Jackson, identity number 9847107325, were the winners of the Draw which took place on21 July 2335."

 • At Daily Science Fiction: "Memories like Bread, Words like Little White Stones" by Cécile Cristofari. Fantasy
      "Soon, you stopped leaving the house--it was easier than asking me to come and walk you back when you forgot the way. You took to writing. Sometimes, as you doodled in your notebook, cut off mid-sentence as you tried to remember what was so important you had to write it, I bent over your shoulder to read."

Audio Fiction
 • At Drabblecast: "Bayou Witch" by Caitline Thiele. Fantasy.
      "Cat’s tail flicked impatiently back and forth across Elle’s face. She resisted the urge to brush it away. Mud tugged at her feet, and putrid water soaked through her shoes. She ducked beneath a low hanging branch dripping with old man’s beard. It trailed over her shoulders, and evidently Cat, who dug his claws into her scalp slightly in payback. She bit her lip at the pain."

 • At Selected Shorts: "Music and a Minotaur"
      "On this program, guest host Parker Posey presents two shows that go to extremes. Mash up karaoke and great literature and you have Juan Martinez’ "Customer Service at the Karoake Don Quixote," read by Nate Corddry. And a Minotaur and a Goth girl meet up in Stephen O'Connor's "Ziggurat" read by Rocky Horror Picture show icon Tim Curry." [Text version here]

Other Genres
 • Audio at Selected Shorts: "Parents and Children" One story read by Leonard Nimoy.

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