Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Friday I'm in Love with Free Fiction

It's always good to start the weekend off with some good free fiction.  There are a couple good science fiction stories, numerous e-books, flash fiction, and audio fiction.  You know it's a good day for audio fiction when you get Pseudopod, Escape Pod, and Tales of Terror on the same day.

[Art from "Beyond Orion's Belt"]

• At Daily Science Fiction: "For Your Protection" by Steven Mathes. Science Fiction.
     "Joseph has an appointment with a brain scanner. On the appointed day, he trims his hair, as well as the nails on his hands and his toes. He wears new underwear. Freshly pressed pants and shirt. Casual but decent shoes. He aims to look ordinary but needs to be clean. He aims to look highly functional, like he would never be bug crazy."

• At Kasma: "Beyond Orion's Belt" by Steve Simpson. Science Fiction.
      "Her brother was fascinated with Tia Geralda's yard, and for that matter, everything his six year old eyes saw every day in the world. "Fire … flies." He considered the concept and shook his head at big sister's quotidian explanation."

Flash Fiction
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Audio Fiction
• At Escape Pod: "Freia in the Sunlight" by Gregory Norman Bossert. Science Fiction.
     "Wisps and curls whip overhead, limned blue by starlight; the fog ceiling is lowering, the top tattered by the offshore wind.  She drops another three meters, switches on ultrasonics.  There are patches of trees here — “unmarked obstacles up to thirty meters” the map says — and she is skimming just twenty meters above the ground.'"

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 09 - The People That Time Forgot"
      "Tom and Ajor have seemingly found a respite in Capak. They have rescued a Kro-Lu, Chal-Az, from the dance of death."

 • At Pseudopod: "The Pit" by Joe. R. Lansdale. Horror.
        "Six months earlier they had captured him. Tonight Harry went into the pit. He and Big George, right after the bull terriers got through tearing the guts out of one another. When that was over, he and George would go down and do their business. The loser would stay there and be fed to the dogs, each of which had been starved for the occasion."

• At Tales to Terrify: "Herbert Bowman Lay Absolutely Still" by Gareth Stack. Horror.
     "Herbert Bowman lay absolutely still, focusing all his earthly attentions o n one recalcitrant big toe . His left . It was, by and large, an unassuming digit . Roughly normal in size and shape, and carpeted with a tangle of light brown hairs ending at the joint ."

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