Thursday, July 25, 2013

There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues - Except More Free Fiction

Three e-zines full of speculative fiction, science fiction, and horror, and a scad of cool genre comics can cure any blues. Enjoy!

• Now Posted: Expanded Horizons Issue 40 (July 2013). Speculative Fiction.
• "Bicycle Girl" by Tade Thompson
     "Once more, the sun came out. It was brighter, you could tell even with closed eyes, but Aloy did not stir until he heard the dawn chorus. He had slept sitting down, facing a twelve foot wall with a window close to the ceiling. It was rectangular, roughly a foot wide and most likely barred. This was the only light source."

• "Into the Breach" by Malon Edwards
      "I’m off my bunk and into my jodhpurs, knee-high leather boots and flight jacket the moment the long range air attack klaxons seep into my nightly dream about Caracara.
Muscle memory and Secret Service training kick in; I’m on auto-pilot (no pun intended) and a good ways down the hall buttoning up both sides of my leather jacket to the shoulder a full thirty seconds before I’m awake."

• "Resurrection 2.0" by Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
      "It was October, the month of harvest, the month of blood. The cold Siberian winds blew from the North, lightly frosting the window with infinitesimal diamonds. A solitary figure stood by the moon window, staring past a blood-red wall of light towards the dark sewer called Mother Ocean."

• Poetry: "The Robo Sutra" by Bryan Thao Worra.

• Now Posted: Aphelion #175 - July 2013. Science Fiction.
"Little Green Things" by William R. Warren, Jr.
     "A never-before-seen installment in a new shared universe series, The Aphelion Project."
"Illegally Parked UFO" by N. E. Riggs
     "Inexperienced Kumar didn't really fit in at NASA until an alien and a traffic cop showed up outside their doors."
"Court Dresser" by Roderick D. Turner
     "Fabric, dyes, makeup, and flowers were Fessington's tools in a very different look at noble ambitions."
"Sprint Hack" by Zac Miller
     "Nelson chafed for years against his "perfect" competitors until he made his own solution."
"The Perfect Meal" by Stanley Wilkin
    "The biggest challenge to settling the planet was that humans tasted so good."
"Soigné Voyage" by George Schaade
      "The bombshell secret of the doomed liner's journey had been staring them in the face the whole time."
"Rip Tide" by James Neale
      "Sailors and a dragon gamble against a man who could see everything they were about to do."
"Almost Done" by Andrew Saxsma
      "How did the man across the street know that Ray was stuck on his dissertation?"
"The Emperor's Servant" by Owen Harrison
      "Gregor knew service to the Emperor took total committment. Anyone who gave less than all he had was a traitor."
"Kebakarania" by Christy Boston
     "Kind-hearted Mollie never understood why the others prisoners hated her or why the fires were coming for them all."


• Now Posted: Black Petals #64. Horror.
• "A Matter of Principle" by Felicia Lee
     "Amber thought she’d be able to sleep through that shuffling down the hall. But she couldn’t."
• "Calendula and the Other Man" by Charlie C. Cole
     "Calendula and I were just kids during the Woodstock age, but still influenced, years later, by the countercultural reverberations from those famously groovy free-lovers"
• "Holiday Greetings from the Witness Protection Program" by Charlie C. Cole
     "In 1989, I was delivering a pizza order when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck. The house was on fire."
• "Murder Scene-Fiction" by Bradley Nies.
     "Sitting in Stone’s office reception area is both disturbing and irritating."
• "The Day I Started Believing" by George G. Economou.
     "I had no idea that this day would change my entire life, and the way I think and perceive the world around me."
• "The Fortune Teller-Fiction" by Harold Kempka.
     "Mark spotted the old fortune teller machine after dining with his wife Marge at their favorite beachside restaurant."
• "The Last Day of the Ugly Man" by Charlie C. Cole
     "To me, that crazy crush of humanity I witnessed was the very twilight of civilization."
• "The Monkey Who Talked Too Much" by Charlie C. Cole
     "Franco and Merle jumped from the stifling school bus and sprinted for their favorite waterhole, Branson Quarry."
• "The Unholy Birth of Kitty" by K.P. Hooker
      "It was Kent’s job this year to set up his parents’ old incubator one week before Thanksgiving in his father’s house."
• "The Hartfield Creature" by Dominic Lennard
      "The creature had been seen by at least half the residents of Hartfield, a small suburb of the city, population six hundred."
• "Jaws 3D and Others" Poems by Jeffrey Park
• "Alien Rhymes" Poems by Janet Ro

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