Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ask Not for What the Bell Tolls It Tolls for Free Fiction.

More great free fiction including the start of a new Pathfinder fantasy serial at Paizo, an alternate history by Harry Turtledove, and several free for a limited time e-books. 

[Art from "Cayos in the Stream"]

At Paizo: "The Weeping Blade  - Chapter One: Blind Beggar’s Bind" by Josh Vogt. Fantasy.
     "Despite the leather strap over his eyes, Larem sensed Dargley beaming a grin in clueless innocence, the attitude that had defined his existence since the head injury. Sighing, Larem took up his beggar bowl and shook the three copper coins it held."

At "Cayos in the Stream" by Harry Turtledove.
     "You’re the greatest writer of the age, gone to ground and subsiding into drink. You always said you wanted to catch some of those Nazi bastards in the waters around your beloved Cuba. What happens when you actually get your wish?"

At Free eBooks Daily:
At Amazon: [via Freebook Sifter]

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