Thursday, August 22, 2013

Celebrating the Birth . . . Will Shetterly

Will Shetterly (born 1955)
      Shetterly is a Fantasy author who, according to Wikipedia, is best known for his novel Dogland, though an argument could certainly be made that it's for the Liavek shared world series he co-edited with his wife Emma Bull.  Shetterly has several free to read short stories on his website, which are all linked  after the fold below.

At Author's Site:
• "Why the Dzur Stabbed the Yendi in the Back" Steven Brust Fanfic. 2012.
     "Once, so long ago that no one remembers their names, a Yendi and a Dzur went to war. The Yendi used seventeen strategies, each more clever than the one before, to deprive the Dzur of all her allies and resources."

• "Danceland" by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly. Fantasy. 1986.
     "Friday night started, for me and for all of us I suppose, in the street outside Danceland. I was sitting in the sidecar, waiting for Tick-Tick. She’d parked the bike outside Danceland and made her usual arrow-like way across the street to Snappin’ Wizard’s Surplus and Salvage "

• "Little Red and the Big Bad" Fantasy. 2003.
     "Now, down by the corner is a fine looking beastie boy who thinks he’s the Big Bad, and maybe he is. He sees Red exit the eatery with a humongous bag of munch matter and calls, 'Hey, Little Red Hoodie Hottie. Got me a tasty treat?'"

• "Dream Catcher" Fantasy 2003.
     "Grandmother lives on a reservation up north. Father said she is a bush Indian. And he laughed like you always did at school, John Marshall. My mother looked down and did not say anything. I want to be a bush Indian when I grow up."

• "Black Rock Blues" Fantasy.
     "The smug walker is a beautiful young woman with skin the color of the deepest sea and hair the color of the darkest night. She’s naked. Street would like that if her smile wasn’t so annoying. She says, 'Time to wake up, trickster.'"

• "Brian and the Aliens"  YA Science Fiction. 1994.
     "A boy and his dog were walking in the woods when they saw a space ship land. Two space aliens came out of it. One alien was blue, and one was green, and they were both covered with scales, large red eyes, and long tentacles. Otherwise, there was nothing unusual about them."

• "Secret Identity" Superhero.
     "When I flew down the halls of Hero High, people were as likely to call me Galaxian as Alec. I never bothered to correct them. The only reason I hadn’t visited the Department of Masquerader Registration to make it official was that there was no rush. No one else would claim Dad’s masker name."

• "Oldthings" Fantasy.
     "Jeffy got silver bullets, Jill got a matched pair of big golden crosses, and I got a lousy wooden stake. I sat crosslegged on the floor, looking at this three-foot-long pointed stick, and said, 'What’s this? A carve-your-own-cane kit?'"

• "Taken He Cannot Be" Fantasy. 1994.
     "Things die. This is the lesson that everyone learns. Some do not learn it until the instant before death, but we all learn it. We pass our final exam by dying. Dr. John Henry Holliday earned his diploma from the school of life at a younger age than most.

• "The Princess Who Kicked Butt" YA Fantasy. 1997.
     "Once upon a time, there was a land ruled by the King Who Saw Both Sides of Every Question and the Queen Who Cared for Everyone. When their first child was born, the Fairy Who Was Good with Names arrived at the castle in a cloud of smoke and said, 'Your daughter shall be known as the Princess Who Kicked Butt.'"

• "The People Who Owned the Bible" Speculative Fiction. Humor.
      "It was time for another Mickey Mouse Copyright Extension to keep Disney's star property out of the public domain. Somebody's nephew had a bright idea. Instead of telling Congress to add the standard twenty years to the length of copyright, why not go for the big time? Extend copyright by 500 years."

• "The Thief of Dreams" Flash Fantasy. 2007.

• "Kasim's Haj" Flash Folk Tale.

• At Shadow Unit: "Apolysis"  by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly.
     "The basement was dark, but she wasn't blind. The least light was enough, and air moving, and awareness of heat and moisture. Especially the latter, right now, but thirst was a good motivator. Work now, drink later."

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