Tuesday, August 27, 2013

E-books and More Free Fiction

The second wave of free fiction arrives with numerous free e-books, a story at Mad Scientist Journal, and audio fiction from Every Photo Tells.  I rarely say much about e-books, but 9 Tales of Henghis Hapthorn by Matthew Hughes [illustrated to the left] contains six stories that were published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction so obviously the book is very good.  Also be sure to check out Regan Wolfrom' roundups at SF Signal.  Two people doing this makes it easier on both and means more good fiction is promoted.

• At Mad Scientist Journal: “Effects of Subcranial Electrode Implantation on Neurological Function: Insights from a Case Study” by Carl Grafe. Science Fiction. [via SF Signal]
     "After struggling for several months to find another position commensurate with my superior ability, my house foreclosed and I moved into my mother’s basement, where I now reside. Dark were the months that followed, filled with daytime television and frozen pizzas."

Audio Fiction
• At Every Photo Tells: "Gayle’s Gift" by Richard D. Asplund Jr.  Science Fiction. 
       "Renard tries everything to bring back the love of his life."

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