Saturday, August 17, 2013

Free Fiction from Frogs to Dragons

Let the weekend begin!  A few good free fiction links to begin the day, including a pair of links swiped from Regan Wolfrom at SF Signal, a free Kristine Kathryn Rusch story, a complete e-zine, flash fiction, audio fiction, and some quite cool classic comics.  More to come.

[Art From "Dragon Slayer" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.]

• At Baen: "Frog Water" by Tony Daniel. Science Fiction.
     "The ship soothed my legs with the slop wands. Aleria had ordered it to do so. She thought I was upset about the blisters on my thighs and shins, but the truth was that I was used to those now. I let her keep thinking that was what it was, though. This was something I’d learned to do back home, even though maybe I didn’t know I’d learned it at the time: you know, act like something bad that happened is much worse than it actually is until you can figure out your next move"

• At Baen: "She Sells Sea Shells" by Paul Darcy Boles. Dark Fantasy.
      "Humans seem to be nature's xenophobes, hell-bent on conquest, ravaging the land and everything growing and living on it in order to "possess" it. We destroy and conquer out of fear . . . fear of anyone or anything unlike ourselves."

• At WMG Publishing: "Dragon Slayer" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Fantasy. Noir.
      "Rumaad, a different kind of dragon, collects information about the killings the way some dragons collect jewels. So he’s perfectly suited to see the differences in the latest crime scene, the murder of a dragon he knows all too well."
• Now Posted: Yellow Mama #39. Noir. Horror.
  • "Summer Job"-Fiction by Joe Malone
  • "Pike N Flytrap"-Fiction by Richard Godwin
  • "No Effect on Me"-Fiction by Willie Smith
  • "Dick Dyce-The A-B-C's"-Fiction by Paul Dick
  • "Road Kill"-Fiction by Rex Sexton
  • "Minnesota"-Fiction by Kenneth James Crist
  • "Hangdog"-Fiction by Cindy Rosmus
  • "My Gypsy Girl" from Bluefield-Fiction by Robb White
  • "My Salad Days"-Fiction by Rudy Ravindra
  • "The Judge"-Flash Fiction by Rob Pierce
  • "Mom Met the New Neighbors"-Flash Fiction by Paul Beckman
  • "John Doe"-Poem by Mark Rosenblum
  • "Killing the Poetry Professor"-Poem by Doug Draime
  • "Running on Empty"-Poem by Marc Carver
  • "Van Gogh"-Poem by Marc Carver
  • "Scalp"-Poem by Ian Mullins
  • "Bottled Up"-Poem by Ian Mullins
Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At Radio Drama Revival: "Kaboom!" - Supernatural noir with Harry Strange.
     "Harry Strange is a noir detective of a different stripe – solving supernatural crimes. Weird frequencies come to a head with “Kaboom!”, an episode from that podcast’s second season."

Other Genres
• Audio at Selected Shorts: "Pushing the Limits"

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