Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get Ready to Reeeeeaaaaaaadddd . . . Free Speculative Fiction

There's already a lot of good free fiction with a new story by Ken Liu, a new issue of Quantum Muse, new episodes of  PodCastle and Red Panda Adventures, and much more. And yes, there's more to come.

[Art from "The Two Sisters" linked below]

• At Aurora Wolf: "The Children’s Crusade" by Tom Howard.
     "The big house on top of the mountain looked as busy as an anthill someone had stirred with a stick.  Family and friends arrived day or night, asking about Jimmy’s mama.  She was in the hospital.  They gave Jimmy and his little sister sorrowful looks, followed by a pat or hug as they moved on to console their dad."

• At Enchanted Conversations: "The Two Sisters" by Loni Klara. Fairy Tale.
     "Not a single soul could be seen treading the paths of the small lonely village in which our ghastly tale will ensue. It was a dreary day with no radiant sun to light the path and no sweet music coming from the households. Quite easy to presume then, that the occupants were obviously not in the mood for lively instruments on this specific day. Alas, the wind blew strongly over the houses, drowning any sound that may entail from within, and carrying its force to the sea nearby, which was quite a rising tempest."

• At GigaNotoSaurus: "The Litigatrix" by Ken Liu.
      "The old man, Hae-wook Lee, had been bedridden for months. He lay on the sleeping mat, wrapped in a blanket. The drugs helped him sleep, and forget about the harsh words of his son."

• At Kasma SF: "HCV 541-35-1998" by Bernard J. Hughes.
      "You walk down the garage ramp of 1600 SW Second Avenue. As you walk past the cars parked there, you remember the old Porsche dealership that had stood there where you were a child. You get near the elevators. You are dressed in a nice, professional, off-the-rack black suit, a plaid scarf in the colors of Autumn, a specially modified pair of gloves, and a stocking cap. You dip your gloved-hand in the pocket of your coat."

Now Posted: Quantum Muse - August 2013 Edition
• "The Void" by Harris Tobias. Science Fiction.
     "A time traveler rescues his infant self from his own troubled past."
• "Lyranova" by Alex Mair. Science Fiction
     "At the speed of light, the slightest trouble can wreck an interstellar mission"
• "The Bridal Party" by Christopher Lepock. Alternative.
     "A father must defend his daughter against a paranormal horror."
• "Love Through A Glass Darkly" by Alex Mair. Science Fiction.
      "Five lovers Search for companions in a theocratic world. Can their love survive the attempts to destroy it?"
Flash Fiction
  • At Daily Science Fiction: "Squeak" by Emma Osborne. Fantasy.
  • At Horrors in the Dark: "Hi There, Sweetie" by Michael Johnston. Horror.
  • At Nature: "The Best of Us" by Lee Hallison. Science Fiction.
Audio Fiction
• At Decoder Ring Theater:  "Red Panda Adventures (96) - The End of the Beginning" Superhero. Noir.
         "The waiting is almost over at last. The preperations have been made, the plans laid, and the allied nations stand ready to strike a blow for freedom on a scale never before seen in human history. One piece remains on the chessboard that can doom it all, and only one man has the power to stand against it. But will it take everything he has and more to stop Hitler's God of War"

• At PodCastle: "Nightfall in the Scent Garden" by Claire Humphrey. Fantasy.
     "If you read this, you’ll tell me what grew over the arbor was ivy, not wisteria. If you are in a forgiving mood, you’ll open the envelope, and you’ll remind me how your father’s van broke down and we were late back. How we sat drinking iced tea while the radiator steamed."

Old Time Radio
• At Journey Into: "The Martian Crown Jewels" by Poul Anderson (from Seeing Ear Theater) 
      "There is only one Martian who can help Inspector Gregg solve the mystery of the missing Martian crown jewels: Syaloch, a seven foot bird-like being who has taken on the methods of Sherlock Holmes."

Other Genres

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