Monday, September 30, 2013

Belatedly Celebrating the Birth . . . Scott Baker

Scott Baker (born 29 September 1947 )
  A World  Fantasy Award Winning Writer, Baker "may be the only person to hold a Masters of Arts degree in Speculative Fiction" (Wikipedia).  His website is here.

• At Author's Site: "Brother Goo" Children's Science Fiction.
     "Mike had always been an odd little brother, but this was out there even for him. It wasn’t the wheelchair that made him odd; it wasn’t his fault the muscles in his legs didn’t develop right. But he had this crazy idea that he was going to be an astronaut, that one day he would go to another planet and meet aliens"

Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction:
Audio Fiction
At Escape Pod:
• "Chasers" Science Fiction.
     "He could see his objective ahead of him, the enormous Drifter-class colony ship Calypso barreling through space on her inertial journey from Earth to Terra III.  Since she carried no fuel for deceleration, Calypso would travel through space forever without Chasers like Sebastian.  It was the job of a Chaser to run down Drifters and fill their tanks.  The job had sounded easy when he signed with Mulligan Mining eight months ago.  But despite nine arrivals since then, Sebastian has not made one catch"

• "Leech Run" Science Fiction.
      "The inhabitants of Galileo Station parted as Titan moved among them. Not one made eye contact, but all gawked furtively. One of Titan’s dark eyes glared back down at the throng; the other eye remained hidden behind a curtain of stark white hair. Conspicuous appearance was his curse. What bystander would forget a snow-capped mountain of dark muscle? Memorability was not an asset for someone like him."

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