Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's So Easy, Easy, When Everybody's Postin' Free Fiction, Baby

A few more good freebies! Tor.com has a new Charles Stoss story, The Internet Archive has all 78 episodes of the classic old time radio series Weird Circle available in a convienient, though large (555 Mb) zip file, and there's much more.  E-books will likely return tomorrow.  For more free links (including some e-books) see Regan Wolfrom's links at SF Signal.

• At HiLobrow:  "Herland - Part 11" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Science Fiction. 1915.
      "We have a well-founded theory that it is best to marry “in one’s class,” and certain well-grounded suspicions of international marriages, which seem to persist in the interests of social progress, rather than in those of the contracting parties."

• At Medium: "Zero Hours" by Tim Maughan. Near Future SF.
      "She sighs, dismisses it. She’s not even sure why she still keeps that notification running. Starbucks, the holy fucking grail. But she can’t go there, can’t even try, without that elusive Barista badge."

• At Tor.com: "Equoid" by Charles Stross.
      "Charles Stross’s “Equoid” is a new story in his ongoing “Laundry” series of Lovecraftian secret-agent bureaucratic dark comedies, which has now grown to encompass four novels and several works of short fiction. “The Laundry” is the code name for the secret British governmental agency whose remit is to guard the realm from occult threats from beyond spacetime."

Audio Fiction
• At BBC Radio 4: "The Exuberant" by Jeff Young.
     "Jack 'Space' Hopper is an Exuberant - meaning he hunts for meteorites. So if your house has been hit by a rock from outer space, he'll turn up on your doorstep with money in his pocket, a magnet on a stick and a mad desire to touch your fridge. A comedy about the mad desire to catch a falling star."

• At 19 Nocturne Boulevard: "The Black Lamp" by Captain S.P. Meek (part 1 of 2), read by Julie Hoverson.
      "Dr. Bird, from the Federal Bureau of Standards must investigate when vitally dangerous inventions are stolen!  And how were they stolen?  SCIENCE!" from Astounding Stories, February 1931.

Old Time Radio
• At The Internet Archive: The Weird Circle
     "The Weird Circle was a 30-minute, syndicated, supernatural/fantasy series that ran from 1943 through 1945. There were 78 episodes produced. The show's strength was stories from famous writers of the two genres, including Robert Lewis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Edgar Alan Poe and even Charles Dickens. Most all of the stories came from the Victorian era or older."

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