Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Free Fiction

A few more great free fiction items today, including A Steven Brust story at (illustrated to the left), the conclusion of Dave Gross' story at Paizo, new audio at PodCastle and Cast of Wonders, e-books and more.

• At Paizo: "The Fencing Master - Chapter Four: The Second Trap" by Dave Gross. Fantasy. Pathfinder.
      "As Vencarlo Orisini led Orkatto's men on a noisy chase, I strolled out the front doors with my "bodyguard." In the darkened museum, and without his mask and cloak, which I carried folded under my arm, Master Raneiro did somewhat resemble the younger man who had accompanied me into the museum. I placed my hope in the bravo's topknot and the noisy diversion behind us."

• At "Fireworks in the Rain" by Steven Brust. 
      "a secret society of two hundred people with an unbroken lineage reaching back forty thousand years. They cheat death, share lives and memories, and communicate with one another across nations and time. They have an epic history, an almost magical memory, and a very modest mission: to make the world better, a little bit at a time."

Audio Fiction
• At Cast of Wonders: "Phoenix Watching - Chapter 1" by Chris Lewis Carter
     "Hello campers! Are you ready for supernatural summer camp? We’ve been so excited getting this story ready for you, we hope you enjoy it! Welcome to Phoenix Watching, the first Camp Myth novel by Chris Lewis Carter."

• At PodCastle: "Thorns" by Martha Wells, read by C.S.E. Cooney. Fantasy.
     "There were no guests expected, and just before the dinner hour is not considered an appropriate time for casual calls, yet Dearing was greeting this presumptuous fellow as a prodigal son."

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