Friday, September 27, 2013


More great free fiction for you, including e-books, two poetry (fantasy and spec. fiction) ezines, online fiction and audio fiction.  [Art from Perchance to Dream (The Amazing Morse) by James Rozoff. in e-books]

At Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: "Bob the Butcher" by Kyle Dorsey,  narrator Matt Grant.
     "The mask was different from other masks I’d seen in many ways. The texture had me curious as to what it might be made out of. To hold the mask in place, two leather straps ran along the back and connected to the sides. I placed the mask back onto the desk and continued my inspection. At the side of the desk sat a large box which was covered in dust" Audio version at same link.

• At Dark Futures: "Isolation Run"  by Tom Howard . Science Fiction.[via SF Signal]
      “Pilot Fuller,” said the distant voice from the nearby Pau Tai system, a more populated region where his company’s station relayed communications between the Cluster and galactic central. “It is fortunate you were delayed at your last port. Please remain calm. A ship is in distress in your area, and we need you to rendezvous with it and provide assistance pursuant to space directive 137.”

• At Mad Scientist Journal: "Dr. Derosa’s Resurrection: Part IV" by R.G. Summers. Science Fiction.
     "On the day that I was to break my father out of prison, I woke up to the sound of sirens in the streets below. I stumbled out of bed, rubbing my eyes and walking to the window to see what all the commotion was about. I snapped out of my groggy state when I saw what was happening in the street below."

At Through the Gate: "Fantastical" poems.
• Now Posted Inkscrawl #6  (21 short speculative poems)

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• Audio at Selected Shorts: "A Thurber Festival"

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