Sunday, September 1, 2013

Now Posted: Clarkesworls Issue 84, September 2013

It's Clarkesworld, huzzah!  A seriously great magazine whose stories have won countless awards.  Read it! You'll love it.

• "Mar Pacifico" by Greg Mellor.
     "A pale dawn spread across the Pacific as my dead mother emerged from the waves."

• "The Promise of Space"  by Jim Kelly
     "I haven’t yet had the chance to review that capture. We were married in 2043. Presumably we met before that?"

• "One Flesh" by Mark Bourne and Elizabeth Bourne
      "Jupiter’s immense horizon appears flat as a flitter, stretching beyond the reach of vision. Cloud banks the size of continents drift in what might be sky. Organic molecules paint them in autumn colors: oranges and browns and peach and gold. Behind the clouds, the rising sun shines like a silver coin"

• "Out of Copyright" by Charles Sheffield. 1989. 
     "Troubleshooting. A splendid idea, and one that I agree with totally in principle. Bang! One bullet, and trouble bites the dust. But unfortunately, trouble doesn’t know the rules. Trouble won’t stay dead."

• "First Principle" by Nancy Kress. 2011.
     "He was even bigger than I expected. All three of them were. Barb and I watched on the link screen as they waited for the transport bay to pressurize, as they climbed out of the rover. Dr. Langley, in his rotation as council leader, made a welcome speech. The parents managed exhausted smiles, but the boy scowled."


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