Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Searching the World for Free Fiction

Yes, it's even more great free fiction!  There a ton of free e-books at Amazon and Smashwords, and there's the start of a new serial at Pathfinder.   There's an interesting newish Romanian horror magazine that has some stories in English [found via Ty Schwamberger's website.]  And there's two good gaming ezines at RPG now (which unfortunately requires a free registration and downloads lead to e-mail ads)

• At Pathfinder: "The Fencing Master - Chapter One: The First Duel" by Dave Gross. Fantasy. RPG.
     "Within the crowd stood a circle of eight swordsmen, all but one pressing kerchiefs to fresh wounds. The uninjured man appeared three decades older than the others, a swatch of gray at either brow. The fencing master was of a height with me, placing him a few inches above the younger men. Unlike his curious pupils, he did not turn at my arrival. His gaze was locked upon the duelists inside the ring."

At Revista de Suspans: [Horror, Thriller, Dark Fantasy]
• "The Archangel " by Paul Tudor.
     "The assumption of double suicide was ruled out after the policemen didn’t find any knife into the railcar or the luggage. And to think that – after stabbing his/her partner and then thrusted the dagger into his/her heart – the perpetrator (he?she?) had the power to throw the white weapon into the bushes (with what purpose?) would be – we have to admit – a far-fetched supposition."

• "One Brew Too Many" by Ty Schwamberger.
     "Luckily, the car was old and didn’t have any airbags. If the car would have been equipped with them, Linda was sure with the pounding jolt she had now taken both times now, it would have been hard enough that they would have activated and probably blown up so big and fast, it would have crushed her tiny face."

• "To Virgin Mary, With Love" by Răzvan Țuculescu. 
      "The hill, like a fur cap plaited from the tendons of a giant, murmured in protest through the whispered thrill of the wind towards the one who plagued him with the burden of the hollow trees, ever so bent from the passage of time to its own soil."

• "Chester" by Benjamin Kane Ethridge.
     "These days he slept under the elders sleep place, his big brown eyes gluing over. Fogginess meant that the world was pulling away; all important things had past already, the great days of strutting down the street gone."
• At "Business As Usual" by David Barnett.
     "Spring, 1890, and England needs a hero. Gideon Smith is yet to step up to the role as public protector of the Empire, but in the background and the shadows, Mr Walsingham pulls strings to keep the often outlandish threats to Britain and her interests at bay. It is a role that lies heavy on his shoulders, and here we find him composing his end-of-year report to Queen Victoria."

• At Amazon: "Born" by Tara Brown. Dystopian. [via Pixel-of-Ink]
At Smashwords:
At Amazon: [via Freebook Sifter]

Role Playing
At DriveThruRPG:
Now Posted: Star Frontiersman #21
     Very well made Star Frontiers fanzine featuring encounters, adventures, background, and even fiction.  For Star Frontiers, but much is adaptable to other science fiction RPGs.

Now Posted: Pathways #30.
   Fantasy RPG 'zine focusing on Pathfinder.

  • "Many Angled Creature Template" by Steven D. Russell 
  • "Erivar Harmelk" by Creighton Broadhurst
  • "Additional Racial Traits: Jotunnar" by Steven D. Russell
  • "Longbridge at a Glance" by Creighton Broadhurst
  • "Technology in Tabletop Games" by Liz Winters.


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Thanks for the plug!

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My pleasure. I'm always glad to find good, cool free fiction.

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