Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day Late and Free Fiction Short

Busy weekend so just a few this time but there should be a bigger selection tomorrow. Like the classical music fan said while picking his Halloween costume "Ill be Bach!"

Flash Fiction
• At Every Day Fiction: "A Man Who Talked to Fish" by Teddy Kimathi. Surreal.
• At 365 Tomorrow: "Picking Isometric Cotton" by E.S. Wynn. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
• At Pseudopod: "Pseudopod 396: The Buchenwald Man" by Benjamin Sonnenberg. Horror.
"It was a girl, about seventeen. It was a little difficult to tell, however, because her face had caved in quite badly. A few broken shards of teeth were lodged in her forehead, and both eye sockets were empty. Dust caked up inside the holes. The girl had been a blonde, and her hair was still tied into a fishtail. As they pulled it out, the body twisted and flopped loosely, allowing some of the dust and gravel to spill out of the eye sockets.Stan did not shudder at this, and was surprised to see the same reaction in the others. Had he really thought he was alone in this chill? No, he was different from the others. They all had been inside the camp; this was nothing. They had seen ten-year-olds, even babies,piled in heaps like charcoal. This was nothing.”"

• At Radio Drama Revival: "Getting the Prophets Back - Part 2 of 2"
"When Karl gives up his appointed quest to chase after the Muffin Girl from the local coffee shop, three prophets, Zoe, Morgan, and Destin team up with a six-foot silverfish named Bob (Jerry Hudson) and find themselves on a real quest in which a prophet-turned-hero is allied with a villain-turned-mentor to defeat a prophet-turned-villain to save their society from its own absurd facades."

• At QuasarDragon Games, a new OSR monster, The Calydonian Boar.
"Swift as the word, she sped the boar away, / With charge on those devoted fields to prey. / No larger bulls th' Aegyptian pastures feed, / And none so large Sicilian meadows breed." Ovid - Metamorphoses.

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