Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You Got a Fast Car / I Got a Plan to Get Us Free Fiction

 Great free fiction finds! 

• At AE: "The Winnipeg Kid" by Ken Gerber and Brian Hirt. Science Fiction.
"Johnny Golden’s blond ringlets are slick with sweat and blood. His blue eyes — beautiful, almost feminine — swell with tears. The sclera of the left is beet red from a burst vessel."

• At Author's Site: "Fast Cars" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Science Fiction.
"I  pulled out the map Johnny had sent and leaned it against the steering wheel. I turned down the grid-like streets, knowing vaguely where he lived. And then I found it, on what used to be a tree-lined road a few miles north of East Junior High School. Johnny lived in the Victorian lumber baron’s home that had been converted into apartments back when I was a kid."

• At The Colored Lens: "Drained" by Dusty Cooper. Speculative Fiction.
"He turned in the doorway, scanned the yard, all mud holes and tire trenches, and beyond that acres of woods. That’s why he’d bought the place as a young man. Cheap land, and he just needed enough room to rest when he got off work. The square-footage provided plenty of space until he met Carolyn."

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Life Lesson" by Gary A. Mitchell.  Science Fiction.
"'Hunter-gatherers?' said Maria Dillard, her fingers raking long blonde hair out of her eyes. She quickly returned her hand to the tablet she had set up on the table in front of her, stabbing at the flexible keyboard laid out beneath the screen."

• At Lightspeed: "Harry and Marlowe Versus the Haunted Locomotive of the Rockies" by Carrie Vaughn. Science Fiction.
"As they crossed the Great Plains of America, Harry was certain she’d never seen anything so astonishing in all her life. The Kestrel hadn’t had such a long stretch airborne since she crossed the Atlantic. Even on the third day of it, Harry leaned out a window to watch the land passing beneath them, and what seemed to be all of heaven passing above.


• At Lightspeed: "De La Tierra" by Emma Bull
"The piano player drums away with her left hand, dropping all five fingers onto the keys as if they weigh too much to hold up. The rhythms bounce off the rhythms of what her right hand does, what she sings. It’s like there’s three different people in that little skinny body, one running each hand, the third one singing. But they all know what they’re doing."Audio and Text.

• At Strange Horizons: "Witch, Beast, Saint" by C. S. E. Cooney. Fantasy. R rated.
"I could’ve changed him back. The transformation spell would take research, focus, a not inconsiderable outpouring of stored magic, but in the end, it was entirely doable. Thing was, I rather liked my monster as a monster."

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: "BMU #415: David Scholes and Kelly Christiansen" Science Fiction.
 "Crystalwizard's book Wizard's Bane - chapter 2 - part 1 [. . . and] David Scholes’ second story in the Human Hunter series – 'Human Hunter:The Kickass House'."
• At Protecting Project Pulp: "Out of This World” by Henry Hasse, read by Daniel Reynolds. Science Fiction. First published in Planet Stories, Summer, 1942.
"There was no escape but death from that fetid prison planet and its crazed, sadistic overseer."

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