Friday, August 8, 2014

By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Good Free Fiction This Way Comes.

If there is not enough, gentles--do not reprehend if you pardon, tomorrow we will mend. And, as I am an honest Dave if we have unearned luck. Now to scape the serpents tongue. We will make amends ere long else the blogger a liar call. So--goodnight unto you all. Give me your hands if we be friends. And Dave shall restore amends.

• At Daily Science Fiction: "1:40 AM" by Eliza Victoria. Science Fiction.
"Before the man with a gun entered the convenience store, Grace was sitting alone at a sticky, soda-splattered table, her broken arm throbbing like a heart, the roof of her mouth burning from the coffee she had drunk too quickly. It was nearly two in the morning, and there were only three other people in the store."

• At Project Gutenberg: "The Infra-Medians" by Sewell Peaslee Wright. Science Fiction.
"Into a land of shadows and lostsouls goes Pete Grahame in searchof his hapless friends." First published in Astounding Stories, December 1931.

Flash Fiction
• At 365 Tomorrows: "180 Accident-Free Days" by Gray Blix. Science Fiction.
• At Weirdyear: "When Elvis Met Khan" by William Stobb. 
 Audio Fiction
• At Radio Drama Revival: "Traveling with ZBS to the Land of Enchantment - Part 1 of 4." Fantasy.
"Mojo takes a job playing piano at the Armadillo Bistro and Cabaret in Coyote, New Mexico, where he’s drawn into an adventure with a cast of wild west characters, including a 100 year old curandera (medicine woman), and an Apache spirit guide who is one helluva prankster."

• At Tales to Terrify: Episode #134. Horror.
M. N. Tarrint’s "The Fire Pit" and Paul Jessup’s "Glass Coffin Girls." No descriptions.

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