Friday, September 26, 2014

Free Links

Continuing to post irregularly.

• At The Colored Lens: "Everything I Should Have Told Her" by Julie Jackson. Urban Fantasy.
"Sophie’s fingers splay slowly against the door. She slides her long blonde hair out of the way and presses her ear firmly to the beige-painted wood grain. Light moves all around the door’s frame, centers on her feet, and stops. She freezes. She doesn’t even breathe. Her mouth is fixed in a tight little line. Her wide eyes lift to the surveillance camera."

• At Lightspeed: "We Are the Cloud" by Sam J. Miller. Science Fiction.
"Me and Case met when someone slammed his head against my door, so hard I heard it with my earphones in and my Game Boy cranked up loud. Sad music from Mega Man 2 filled my head and then there was this thud like the world stopped spinning for a second. I turned the thing off and flipped it shut, felt its warmth between my hands. Slipped it under my pillow."

• At Lightspeed: "Eternal Horizon" by Rhys Hughes. Fantasy.
"Suddenly the horizon gave birth. There were effects. I was affected by them. I sat with my goddess on my knee. She didn’t need me, nor I her. So everything was equal and free. We were in love."

• At Paizo: "Armored - Chapter Four: No Love Like Gold" by Stephanie Lorée. Fantasy. Pathfinder. "The pyre burned for hours. Its flames seemed to lick the sky, and Bea turned her horse and troopers away from the carnage. They rode for home, though she wasn't sure what that meant anymore. Smoke rose behind them, a dark reminder of her lord's betrayal." Part One and Two and Three.

• At Strange Horizons: "The Lucky Strike" by Kim Stanley Robinson
"Today, the first of August, there was something more interesting to watch than the usual Superfortress parade. Word was out that General Le May wanted to take the 509th's mission away from it. Their commander Colonel Tibbets had gone and bitched to La May in person, and the general had agreed the mission was theirs, but on one condition: one of the general's men was to make a test flight with the 509th, to make sure they were fit for combat over Japan." Text and Audio.

• At "Midway Relics and Dying Breeds" by Seanan McGuire. Science Fiction.
"The trouble with wanting to do the right thing is that frequently the right thing today is the wrong thing for tomorrow, or the wrong thing for the people who are standing between you and your perfect, platonic future. The wild was the wrong place for our elephant, just like the recycler was the wrong place for Billie, and the cities were the wrong place for me. A tale of bioengineering, a carnival, and the cost of finding one’s right place."

• At The WiFiles: "The Truth About Red Russian Kale" by Mandy Foster. Speculative Fiction.
"Leanne searched around in the back of the van, looking for her new soil knife. She moved aside kneepads and seed packets, a box of condoms and several paperbacks from the Goosebumps series, ridiculously overdue. She could swear she had tossed the knife back here when she loaded up the van for carpool, but it had been a hairier morning than most; Mondays always were."

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: "Beam Me Up #424 Asimov, Juby"
"Chapter 4 of the “Last Question” by Isaac Asimov and Tiny Leon and his Wee adventure by Michael Juby."

• At Clarkesworld: "Falling Star" by Brendan Dubois, read by Kate Baker. Science Fiction.
"On a late July day in Boston Falls, New Hampshire, Rick Monroe, the oldest resident of the town, sat on a park bench in the Town Common, waiting for the grocery and mail wagon to appear from Greenwich. The damn thing was supposed to arrive at two p.m., but the Congregational Church clock had just chimed three times and the road from Greenwich had remained empty."

• At Classic Tales Podcast: "The Island of Dr. Moreau, Part 3 of 5" by H.G. Wells, read by B. J. Harrison. Science Fiction.
"Our castaway is initiated into a society of unspeakable horrors. When the mysterious doctor shows up with guns and a hunting party, Prendick flees for his very life, and the hunt is on." Part One and Part Two.

• At Cthulhu: "Herbert West: Reanimator, part 2" by H. P. Lovecraft. Horror.
No description.

• At Dunesteef: "The Empire State Building Strikes Back" by Matthew Sanborn Smith.
"It is the age of super science. Dr. Nefarious is on the verge of inducing the singularity and destroying the world. The only hope for humanity is Malcolm…well, he’s not the only hope, there is a plan C. Don’t look for plan B, it’s not back there."

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 09 - Tarzan The Terrible" Adventure.
"Chapter IX – Blood-Stained Altars Tarzan has entered the city of A-lur. To explain his presence in the city of the Ho-don, he has concocted the tale that he, a tailless creature, is the son of Jad-ben-Otho – the tailless god of the Ho-don. His subterfuge has succeeded so far, and he is being escorted to the throneroom of the King of the Pal-ul-don."

• At Forgotten Classics: "The People of the Mist - Finale" by H. R. Haggard. Adventure.
"In which friendship, a newspaper, and a steam fish help our heroes home." Earlier chapters here.

• At PodCastle: "Araminta, Or, The Wreck Of The Amphidrake" by Naomi Novik, read by C.S.E. Cooney. Fantasy.
"Lady Araminta was seen off from the docks at Chenstowe-on-Sea with great ceremony if not much affection by her assembled family. She departed in the company of not one but two maids, a hired eunuch swordsman, and an experienced professional chaperone with the Eye of Horus branded upon her forehead, to keep watch at night while the other two were closed."

• At Pseudopod: "Unforgotten" by Chris Fowler, read by Joel Nisbet. Horror.
"Rooms. Something odd about the rooms. He studied the brick walls of the courtyard formed by the other properties. He felt as if he had a cold coming on. Getting his jacket so wet hadn’t helped matters. He should have bought himself a new umbrella. He sneezed hard, wiped his nose on a tissue. Spots of dark blood, a crimson constellation. He looked from the window again. The bricks. That’s what it was. The bricks to the right of the window. They were in the wrong place. There should have been an empty space there. It was marked on the map, but not there from the window."

• At StarShipSofa: “The Mistress of Fishes” by Octavia Cade, read by Barbra Dillon.
The dead man’s flat was sparsely furnished and silent with dust. Sina ran a finger across the table top, a clean ribbon of wood unfurling behind it. On the mantelpiece were photographs set in cheap frames, the only things in the room that had been kept carefully dusted. She picked one up, studying the woman in the photo, her old fashioned dress and cheerful grin, and the one careful string of pearls around her neck.


David Scholes said...

Hi Dave
My flash fiction story "The Grief Counsellors" appeared in the October Edition of the Antipodean SF site:
Cheers! Dave S

David Scholes said...

Hi Dave

The next story in my "Human Hunter" series - "Human Hunter - Leaving the Kick Ass House" has been podcast on Paul Cole's Beam Me Up site. My story starts at about 7 minutes 30 seconds into the podcast:

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