Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flash Gordon Comic Strip and More

Another cool eclectic collection of freebies from the web today. QD is back, though posting is likely to be irregular and many format changes are likely. Don't be afraid to say what you would like to see more or less of --- comment moderation is for the *&^!#@ <(%$)-? spammers, not to discourage posting.

Comic Strips
At Seattle P-I the long-running Flash Gordon comic strip. Since 1934, this classic space opera has graced the pages of Sunday papers. Unlike at the King Features site, it's free HERE.

Online Fiction
The two most recent stories online at Daily Science Fiction

"Memory Bugs" by Alter S. Reiss.
"So, this is your place," said Susan, looking around. I smiled, looked at her, and hoped that I hadn't left anything inappropriate anywhere visible. "Pretty much," I said. "It's kinda small, but with the rent---"

"Gathering Glory" by Steve Stanton.
"Destiny drove him forward like a taskmaster from the bus, up the grand entranceway into the ballroom at the Civic Centre, past the sign-in table where he received his laminates and loot bag, onward to his publisher's booth in a back corner. There it was: the fabled anthology, bright with colour but creepy enough to grab his attention. He picked up a copy to examine it closely, saw his name on the cover, third from the top, felt a surge of satisfaction. His first sale as an author. 'Do you like science fiction?'"

Site found via Escape Pod and Sf Signal

Audio Fiction
At Podcastle "To Ride Beyond the Wide World’s End," by Caitlin Brennan. Read by Steve Anderson.

“Those verses of yours,” old Coel said as the fire died and the hall subsided into a sort of rollicking quiet, “they’re clever. Especially your description of that son of a swine down the valley–how did you know he’s wall-eyed and has a distinct left hook to his private member?”

Streaming and in MP3 download HERE.

The Artifact is "is a game. A science fiction role-playing game. The game starts out with a two hundred and four page book that is available for download for free and as a printed book. Two, The Artifact (in the game) is a enormous manufactured planetoid that has only been recently discovered (in 2085). It is both dangerous and full of promise, it is populated by people that are familiar, but full of mystery."

This free pen and paper looks very interesting, but you don't have to take my guess, you can read a very thorough review at The Free RPG Blog.

Comic Books
Some cool horror in black and white, but definitely not for children or the easily disturbed.

At Hairy Green Eyeball 3, some Creepy comics from 1964.

Online HERE.

At The Horrors of It All, some even more disturbing tales than usual.

Online HERE.

Other, likely less disturbing, comics are online at Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine, Diversions of the Groovy Kind, and other cool blogs in the blogroll to the right.

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