Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Fiction Links

Some free recent SF and Fantasy. (I don't know why some of the links highlight and others don't, but they all should work)

At Fantasy Magazine,

"Lizard Dance" Gio Clairval and Jeff VanderMeer

"A shout louder than the others pierces her armor—disparaging words about her chubby cheeks and oversized thighs. She doesn't care. Nor is she afraid."

At Strange Horizons,

"Widows in the World (part 2 of 2)" by Gavin J. Grant
"She'd never liked her mother's houses. Even when she'd cracked the codes in order to program her own spaces, she had always known the deep programming wasn't hers. She'd been forced old so fast that by the time she was twelve she wanted her own place."

And part one is here.

At Ray Gun Revival,

"Memory" by Michael Merriam.

"Lucza Antreus watched the stairs retract and the cargo hatch on her battered little ship close, securing the vessel against any potential intruders. She stored the access control in her small belt pouch, wanting to laugh at her automatic care. She did not expect to return to her vessel, but there was no sense in leaving it open for anybody who happened to come along."

"Catastrophe Baker and a Canticle for Leibowitz" by Mike Resnick.

"I was standing at the bar in the Outpost, which is the only good watering hole in the Plantagenet system, lifting a few with my old friend Hurricane Smith, another practitioner of the hero trade. Somehow or other the conversation got around women, like it always does sooner or later (usually sooner), and he asked me what was the most memorable name I’d ever found attached to a woman."

"The Greeny at Old Smokey Lake" by Larry Hodges.

"Jeb’s black Outback hiking boots were his pride and joy, but now they just lay there on the passenger seat, vacant, dripping mud all over the place as I drove my pickup away from the lake as fast as I could. It was not near fast enough."

At Beneath Ceaseless Skies, issue 62 featuring;

"Silent, Still, and Cold" by Kris Dikeman.

"The place where Ameos should stand is taken by another boy. We are fewer now."

"The Adventures of Ernst, Who Began a Man, Became a Cyclops, and Finished a Hero" by Jesse Bullington

"There was a long, strange moment of silence, and then the spider dropped lightly off the medium’s back and scuttled toward Ernst."

And audio fiction "Mamafield" by Corie Ralston.

"I finally scent Leaver at far edge of mamafield, past where my roots have ever dug. I don't feel safe so far outcircle, but he's traveled alone for years. He's been so far outside we wouldn't even scent his death. And that's what he deserves"

And at,

"Though Smoke Shall Hide the Sun" by Brit Mandelo.

“So,” said the man lounging on a folding chair in the center of the room. “What would make a lady like yourself want to join the army?”

“I’m not a lady,” I said.

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