Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Post 1.1 *updated*

QD has a few very cool items for you today, including some items from sites we haven't linked to before. Updated with serial fiction, an SF pulp magazine, and a gaming magazine. Enjoy, stay strong space soldiers, and don't forget to drink your Ovaltine.

At Munseys and Project Gutenberg "Sugar Plum" a humorous sf story by Reginald Bretnor, from Galaxy Science Fiction (Nov. 1952).
"On a clear spring evening in 2189, Charles Edward Button came home half an hour late for his supper, tossed his hat to the robot butler who came out from behind the DoItAll, and announced that he had just bought a planet."

Available online and in e-book downloads at Munseys and Project Gutenberg.

At Daily Science Fiction, "Rinse or Repeat" by Sylvia Hiven.
"Gabriel wouldn't ever have thought there would be circumstances rough enough for him to set foot in lower Manhattan Chinatown. In the old days, perhaps, but not after the integration. Too many dragons. There were mainly humans, of course; clingy people chattering in Mandarin as he walked by in the drizzle, one offering traditional Chinese souvenirs while the next tried to sell him pornographic holograms"

Online HERE.

At Crosseyed Cyclops, classic pulp SF, Worlds Beyond #12 (Dec. 1950). Available in CBR format, which while less optimal than pdf, is readable enough.

Available HERE.

Audio Fiction
At Escape Pod, "The Notebook of my Favourite Skin-Trees" by Alex Dally MacFarlane, read by Pamela Quevillon.
"The best part of these are the fruits, growing on their fat stem, dangling down the person’s back or from their arm. I always bow and smile, asking, 'Can I taste one of your fruits? Bananas from a skin-tree are so sweet.'"

streaming and in MP3 download HERE.

Serial Fiction
At Book View Cafe, chapters 8&9 of Polar City Blues by Katharine Kerr (1990).
"Not only has Polar City been spared the expense of a long drawn-out trial, but a dead assassin causes no further political embarrassments to anyone. With their trained wolf alive and talking, the Alliance would no doubt grow self-righteous and dangerously belligerent to cover their tracks."
Online HERE or start from the beginning here.


At Mongoose Publishing, Signs & Portents #89 featuring material for RuneQuest II, Judge Dredd, Traveller, Elric of Melnibone, Lone Wolf, and other RPGs.

In a free 93 page pdf download HERE.

Fighting Fantazine is "a fan magazine based on the Fighting Fantasy range of gamebooks first published in 1982 by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. In particular it focusses on the worlds those adventures are set in, especially the fantasy world of Titan" These are quite professional looking, each with a mini Fighting Fantasy adventure and more. The latest issue, Feb. 2011, features an interview with artist John Sibbick and a "bumper length mini Fighting Fantasy adventure"

All five issues are available in free pdf downloads HERE [via FightingFantasist]

At The City of Iron, The Elementalist - a new class for Labyrinth Lord (or D&D, OD&D, Hackmaster, or 1e AD&D)

In a free pdf download HERE.

At Sickly Purple Death Ray, a series of interesting maps, along with descriptions of the map environment called interesting places. D&D-centric but useful for any fantasy rpg.

All online HERE.

At The Comic Book Catacombs, jungle adventure with "Tabu, Wizard of the Jungle" in an untitled adventure from Jungle Comics #6 (June 1940)

Online HERE.

At Ditko Comics, "The Strange Fate Of Captain Fenton" from Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #6 [1957]. An adventure tale with a weird twist.

Online HERE.

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