Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday freebies

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Happy weekend humans. Stupid space captain take day off. Mental health day he say. Lazy. Anywho, he leave some very good links to post. Why always good links? Me show him - add bad movie to end of his. Enjoy badness! What? You think me Gnaerkiean? Ha, ha, is funny. Me not Gnaerkiean; they ugly! Me just space lieutenant Bob.

At, "38 Awesome Alien Stories" links to reviews of these stories as well as online versions of them. I don't know every story that Rusty picked, but all the one I do know really are pretty awesome.

Available HERE.

At Variety SF, a review of, as well as links to, "Expediter" by Mack Reynolds. Originally published in Analog Science Fact & Fiction (May 1963).

"His assignment was to get things done; he definitely did so.Not quite the things intended, perhaps,but definitely done."

The review and link are HERE.

At Two-Fisted Tales of True-Life Romance, JPG scans of Theodore R. Cogswell's "Limiting Factor" from Galaxy Science Fiction, vol. 8. #. 1.

"Is there a Homo superior in the audience? This story is printed especially for you!"

Online HERE.

Audio Fiction
At 19 Nocturne Boulevard, audio drama "'The Leech' (adapted from a story by Phillips Barbee (pseudonym of Robert Sheckley), published in Galaxy Science Fiction December 1952) - A visitor from somewhere beyond threatens the entire planet Earth!!"

In Mp3 download HERE. [via SFFaudio]

At Scott Sigler's website episode two of audio-book of "The Starter"
"Feel your heart pump at the roar of 180,000-plus screaming for blood at Ionath Stadium! Watch as second-year quarterback Quentin Barnes leads the orange and the black onto the field of battle in the second book of the Galactic Football League series."

In Mp3 download HERE. [episode one is here]

At RPGNow, "Beasts & Barbarians Heroic Tale #1: The Cliffs Queen’s Court" a free adventure for Savage Worlds.

"The heroes were crossing the Cairnlands as part of a caravan, either working as hired guards, or as passengers traveling from the Marquees to Valkheim. This morning the caravan was ambushed by a band of Cairnlander marauders, and only the heroes escaped. And then, the real adventure begins!"

In a free pdf download HERE (free membership required)

At Review 2 A Kill, "Kill All Monsters" a free webcomic

"In Kill All Monsters! the giants have already won. It's a post-apocalyptic setting in which the world has been completely overrun by giant monsters. Pockets of humanity are hiding and surviving as best they can, but no one's found an effective way to defeat the beasts...until now."

Online HERE [via Exonauts]

At The Horrors of It All, "The Buried Brain" from Adventures into the Unknown #27 (Jan 1952). Classic pre-code horror.

Online HERE

At Fantasy Ink, "John Bell's Devil Witch" a supernatural story from Ripley's Believe It or Not! True Demons and Monsters #25.

Online HERE.

At ComiXology, a free iPod, iPad, iPhone download or online, Dogs of Mars,
"Nocturnal monsters stalk astronauts marooned on Mars. Zoe is the swashbuckling captain of Earth's first off-world colony. Isolated on the farthest frontier of civilization, order breaks down when the unfamiliar hostile invades."

Available HERE. [via Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy books on Mars]

Classic B Movie - Zontar the Thing from Venus (1966). [via Crosseyed Cyclops]


Rusty said...

Welcome back Dave!

It is great to see your web site back in action again - I missed it!


Dave Tackett said...

Thanks Rusty! I needed some time off, but am glad to be back and linking to cool sites like yours.

Jay said...

You're back--awesome! Also, thanks for the shout-out!!!

Dave Tackett said...

Thank you! And you're welcome, I likely would have missed "Kill all Monsters" if you hadn't linked to it.

Jason Copland said...

Thanks for linking to Kill All Monsters! Dave! Michael and I really appreciate the support!

Dave Tackett said...

My pleasure. I'm glad Exonauts spotted it or I likely would have missed it. It certainly deserves attention.