Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bonus Freebies.

Due to a different work schedule next week, posts will be at night (or afternoon) instead of late morning. But that meant either I wait until late Monday to post or else link to these cool items early. Easy choice. Also I will likely be experementing with formatting next week so don't be thrown off.

Crossed Genres has its 29th issue up. This issue has stories crossing mystery with other genres (Science Fiction or Fantasy). [via SF Signal]

"In the House of the Brelsh" by Barbara Krasnoff.
"Bett sat on the floor, shivering despite her environment suit. Her headgear was in her lap and her small pack sat next to her; these, together with just enough currency to get her to the spaceport, were everything she owned. The next transport wasn’t due for several hours yet."

"Soul of the City" by Jamie Mason.
"Capone’s guys got into a shoot-out with the demons. Again. This time it was Ba’al’s gang, up from the Fifth Circle, looking to grab a piece of the action. Word had it they’d started the ball rolling by whacking one of Capone’s soldiers in a speak-easy over on the south side."

"The Body and the Bomb" by John P. Murphy.
"Chief Constable Fatima Nouri took her motorcycle up to the clearing. It was far enough away from the blast to cut down on radiation exposure, but it was in the wilds of Sapphire’s native vegetation, out ‘in the blue’. "

"Down There" by Aaron Polson.
“The truth is, nothing scary ever came out of a basement. Except for a little mold. Or a couple rats, and that’s only if you’re a massive chickenshit,” Travis said. He was the prototypical history teacher/football coach hybrid whose body hinted a fit childhood but now carried a sizable gut. “It’s you artsy-fartsy types—all that Poe shit Aaron makes the kids read.”

"The Peculiar People" by Erik T. Johnson.
“The black witch and I have been next to each other as long as we can remember,” the black cat said. “Today the black witch looked up and saw black space everywhere above us with eighteen perfect five-pointed orange stars in it. At the same time, I opened my orange eyes and noticed the black witch gazing at the pumpkin-colored pentagrams.”

(Issue 28 - Superhero, with stories and articles by Leow Hui Min Annabeth, Tracie Welser, Nathan Crowder, Adam Israel, KB Lawrence, and Athena Andreadis, is online HERE.)

@The Author's Website: "The Bad Place" by Lincoln Crisler. a free, unpublished science fiction story in exchange for a tweet linking to the author's site.

Classic SF
@Two-Fisted Tales of True-Life Weird Romance: "The Triangle of Terror" by William F. Temple, from Weird Tales (May 1950).
"Also, he had the best library of books on the occult that I had ever come across."

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "The Statue" by Mari Wolf, from IF: Worlds of Science Fiction (Jan. 1953).
"There is a time for doing and a time for going home. But where is home in an ever-changing universe?"

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "Duel on Syrtis" by Poul Anderson, from Planet Stories (March 1951).
"Bold and ruthless, he was famed throughout the System as a big-game hunter. From the firedrakes of Mercury to the ice-crawlers of Pluto, he'd slain them all. But his trophy-room lacked one item; and now Riordan swore he'd bag the forbidden game that roamed the red deserts ... a Martian!"

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "The Thing in the Attic" by James Benjamin Blish, from If: Worlds of Science Fiction July 1954.
"Honath and his fellow arch-doubters did not believe in the Giants, and for this they were cast into Hell. And when survival depended upon unwavering faith in their beliefs, they saw that there were Giants, after all."

Audio Fiction
@Gypsy Audio: Twisted Tales of Faerie - Snow White in three parts (Part one, two, and three) A "twisted" retelling of the classic faerie tale. Rated PG-13.

Serial Audio
@The Author's Website: The Starter episode #9 by Scott Sigler.
"Media Day is here! Quentin's first trip in front of reporters as the starting quarterback of the Ionath Krakens turns out to be more difficult than he anticipates. We talk about the Quyth life cycle, and meet a new species (the Leekee) for the first time."

@Beam Me Up: Episode #256 featuring "episode 11 of the Dark InSpectre series by Jason Kahn and thing seem to be getting quite dicey for our favorite mind reading detective […] part one of 'In Fall' by Ted Kosmatka."

Flash Fiction
@Brain Harvest: "White Snake" by Kyle Hemmings.
@The New Flesh: "Peodius Complex" by Jack Bristow.
@365tomorrows: "Limited Options" by Steven Odhner.
@365tomorrows: "Adoption" by Harris Tobias.
@Flashes in the Dark: "The Stomping of Feet" by Lori Titus.
@Flashes in the Dark: "Essence" by Steve Toase

@WotC: [Adventure Hooks] "Scarblade" and "Killing Ground" (4e but easily adaptable)
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [New Spells] "Symbiotic Curse" and "Many Hands Make Light Work"
@The Land of NOD: [Encounter] Mu-Pan - Encounter XXI.
@A Character for Every Game: [Dungeon] "The Hazardous Depths of the Shroom-Goblin Tesseract (part 2)."
@Sea of Stars: [New Magic Items] "Geras’ Cane" and "Hebe’s Cup"
@Big Ball of No Fun: [New Monsters] "Fetch," "Guarana," and "Hyter Sprite"
@Underworld Kingdom: [New Monster] "Ho-ru, the Black Lizardmen"

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