Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Free Items.

A few cool free items today, including a free online short story by Peters S. Beagle, an audio dramatization of Kurt Vonnegut's "2 B R 0 2 B," comics, and more. Whoever said "you get what you pay for" was wrong when it comes to internet freebies.

@Fantasy Magazine: "The Woman Who Married the Man in the Moon" by Peter S. Beagle.
"Stories never end. We end. If we could but live long enough, we would see how all tales go on and on past the telling"

@The author's website: "Corpse Vision" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, from Jim Baen’s Universe, (Dec. 2009).
A historical fantasy short story. "Joe Decker drinks because he can. In 1920s Paris, alcohol flows freely unlike Prohibition America. He thinks he has come to Paris to write his novel, but he has come to Paris to block his visions with alcohol." Online until 18 April 2010.

@Strange Horizons: "Pataki" (Part 2 of 2) by Nisi Shawl.
"It was almost midnight in Michigan, but Madrina had answered on the first ring: "Aboye abochiche." I lift your burdens to heaven. "Alaafia," she added; a wish for peace. "Rianne, what's troublin you?"

Serial Fiction:
@Kat and Mouse: Guns for Hire: "Payback" - Part Four by Abner Senires.
"We were in an empty, cavern-like warehouse, the ceiling at least 20 meters up and lost in shadows. The only light came from the few uncovered windows several meters above us on each of the four walls. The rest of the windows were at street level and either painted over in black or boarded up."

Classic SF
@The Internet Archive: "War of the Giant Apes" by Alexander Blade, from Fantastic Adventures (April 1949).
"The Council of Earth plotted to take over Mars -- but Mars had planned it that way." [via Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy books on Mars]

Audio Fiction
@Podcastle: Miniature #61 "The Jacob Miracle" by Katherine Sparrow, read by Ann Leckie.
"Everybody underestimated Jacob Apple. He’d launched spells from the chaos camp for the last three years, and though he was by far the strongest witch in the world, so what?"

@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "2 B R 0 2 B" adapted by Julie Hoverson from the story by Kurt Vonnegut.
"A lovely bright future! Clean and well maintained. ...Thanks to population control...."

Serial Audio:
@Triplanetary: From the classic Superman serial, "Atom Man" episodes 9-12.
"Der Teufel's plans come to fruition as his Atom Man infiltrates The Daily Planet to further his plan to kill Superman. How will the last son of Krypton fare against this atomic monster?"

@Flashes in the Dark: "Holes" by Neil Leckman.
@365 tomorrows: "Meta DeStad" by Patricia Stewart.
@Strange Horizons: [Poem] "The Honey Man" by Alexandra Seidel.

And the April issue of AntipodeanSF featuring: "Victory" by Bart Meehan, "What Was That?" by Gregor Macnamara, "Galactonecronomicon" by Michael McDonald, "Love Is Not A Modal Logic" by Marcelo Rinesi, "Off Cuts" by Jan Napier, "His Gaskets Tight" by Shaun A Saunders, "Quiet" by Daniel Kirk, "The Problem" by Jeanie Laherty, and "Telephone" by Jacinta Butterworth [via Variety SF]

@The Horrors Of It All: "The Old Mill Scream" Horror from Black Cat Mystery #51 (Aug. 1954).
@The Comic Book Catacombs: "The Crater People" Prehistoric adventure from Tor #2a [3D] (Oct. 1953).
@Digital Comics Museum: "Futura Archive" Sci-fi collected series from Planet Comics #43-64 (in CBR).
@Crosseyed Cyclops: Space War #10, 18, and 20 Sci-fi (in CBR). (1961+).
@Atomic Kommie Comics: SpaceBusters "Remember Makano" sci-fi
@Hero (& Heroine) Histories: SpaceBusters in "Victory on Valda" Sci-fi.

Other Cool Free Items

@Crosseyed Cyclops: Two scanned issues of Missles and Rockets from the 1960s. The space race as it was happening.

Neither Cool Nor Free
Superhero Movie (2008). Just got this on clearance at a closing Blockbuster and despite the extremely low price, I was ripped off. This is possibly the least funny satire ever filmed. Often the movie felt more like an exceptionally bad fanfilm than a professionally made comedy. Trust me, the 4.4 out of 10 at IMDb is very generous.


Blue Tyson said...

Yep, Superhero Movie is truly terrible.

Dave Tackett said...

I bought it for 99 cents hoping that it would be dumb/funny but it completely failed the funny part.