Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Freebies

Some cool free items today, including fiction from two of the big online magazines, and more of the vampire serial. Also audio fiction from Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and other great sites. A few good gaming items, and several online comics, heavy on the horror and SF today.

Today's illustration is from "The Hostile Planet" in the comics section.

@Subterranean Press: "Their Changing Bodies" by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
"The boy in the lake had achieved some notoriety in camp Ondawalla a week before, when he had been caught rooting through the sanitary pad disposal bucket in the girls’ bathroom. The boy was new, and though he had been caught at a rather odd activity, he spent his weeklong probationary period the subject of mostly positive gossip."

@Daily Science Fiction: "A study in flesh and mind" by Liz Argall.
"The model is privileged to work at the Albury-Wodonga Academy of Fine Arts and Neuroscience. Work permits are few and she needs to send half her ration to family up in the burning lands round Newcastle way"

Serial Fiction:
@White Wolf: Part Six of Silent Knife: A Vampire: The Requiem Novel by David Nurenberg.
"First, panic. Ariadne felt her throat fill with water, felt its weight enter every cavity and tug at her. Her limbs felt leaden, slow to respond, dragging through walls of liquid. She thrashed and spun, all sense of direction gone."

@Escape Pod: Episode #294 "The Night Train" by Lavie Tidhar, read by Jean Hilde-Fulghu.
"Hua Lamphong at dusk: a warm wind blowing through the open platforms where the giant beasts puffed smoke and steam into the humid air, the roof of the train station arching high overhead."

@Pseudopod: Episode #231 "Tippler’s Bane" by Evelyn Wang, read by Paul Jenkins & Eve Upton.
"Creatures of dusk, creatures of dank and dark and dregs of mealy meaty toxins, we sit here in the dust and the damp, in the many shadowy shadows that lurk like pockets. Creeping, slithering, longer and lengthier the shadows grow, into our kingdom of shit and mildew."

@Radio Drama Revival: Episode #227 the conclusion of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth
"Orpheus finally gets his chance to plead for his Eurydice back and – by God – he gets her! But whatever you do, dude… don’t look back."

Flash Audio
@Beware the Hairy Mango: Weird fiction by Matthew Sanborn Smith.

Fan Audio
@Pendant Productions: Issue 49 of "Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton."
@Pendant Productions: Issue 77 of "Superman: The Last Son of Krypton."

@Kobold Quarterly: A five-part series on dragon maladies for any fantasy RPG. Part One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

@Exonauts!: [Monster] "Moon Zombies" X-plorers.
@The Land of NOD: The Phantom Creeps (1939) adapted to Mystery Men.
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets [Magic Items] "Stair Dust" and "Enraging Ring of Rhygose."
@A Field Guide to Doomsday: [Monsters] "Flensefin" and "Oxidont"

@Atomic Kommie Comics: "Lunar Trap" 1950s Science Fiction.

@The Bloody Pulp!: "The Game Called Dying" & "Crack Up" (1970) B&W Horror.
@The Horrors of It All: "The Civic Spirit" Horror/Humor from (1950).
@Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: "The Monument/Bad Blood/Nothing He Couldn't Do" a trio of pre-code horrors.
@The Comic Book Catacombs: Jann of the Jungle in "Voodoo Vengeance" (1957). Adventure.
@Hairy Green Eyeball 3: Brick Bradford #19. (1965) Science Fiction.
@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: "Time Eater"(1973). B&W Science Fiction.
@Digital Comics Museum: Space Rangers Archive parts One and Two. Science Fiction. 1940s.
@Ditko Comics: "The Hostile Planet" (1957) Science Fiction.
@Secret Sanctum of Captain Video: "The Secret of Sun City" Science Fiction. 1950s

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