Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Freebies featuring Orson Scott Card and Much More.

Some very good freebies today, including Orson Scott Card's "Sandmagic" at Fantasy Magazine (one of the best magazines published), new SF at Cosmos Magazine and more top-notch SF, both new and classic. There's Ken Liu audio, as well as comics and gaming items.

Today's illustration is for "Sandmagic" in the fiction section.

@Fantasy Magazine: "Sandmagic" by Orson Scott Card. Fantasy.
"Where are the uncles? Cer thought. The uncles must come. But the uncles were not there, and Cer heard a terrible scream from inside the garden walls."

@Cosmos Magazine: "Breaking the Ice" by Thoraiya Dyer. Science Fiction.
"Could this be the remnants of an army that hacked off Larsen Ice Shelf and towed it to Argentina after they drank their mainland glaciers dry?"

@Absent Willow Review:

@Hub: Issue #140 featuring "Warts and All" by Mark Morris.
"It started as nothing more obtrusive than a small bump between the second and third knuckle of the index finger of Jason Platt’s right hand. It itched ever so slightly, and Jason rubbed at it as he lay back on his bed and stared out of the window."

@Ray Gun Revival: "The Showdown with Diablo" by John H. Stevens. SciFi.
"The smoke from the hand-rolled cigarette billowed lazily to the rafters. Sam Burns took another drag, working up the courage to speak"

@Mindflights: "The Unicorn Hunter" by Matti Lena Harris. Fantasy.
"When Portivaul had no other choice, he took the four-day journey to the nearest inn, sat at a table in an empty corner of the room, and ordered an ale and a shepherd's pie. Once he'd finished eating, he motioned to the innkeeper's wife."

Classic SF/Horror
@The Internet Archive: "Seven Came Back" by Clifford D. Simak (1950). [via Marooned - Science Fiction & Fantasy books on Mars]
"So it was, so it must be with the myth that told about the great and glowing city that had stood above all other things of Mars -- a city that was known to the far ends of the planet."

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "The Long Arm" by Franz Habl, from Weird Tales (Oct. 1937).
"Creeping, writhing, insidiously crawling and groping, the long arm reached out in its ghastly errand of death"

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "Direct Wire" by Clee Garson, from Amazing Stories (Jan. 1943).
"Mort and Mike got strange calls on this phone; they didn't come through Central!"

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "Earthsmith" by Milton Lesser, from Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy (Jan. 1953).
"Nobody at the Interstellar Space School had ever heard of Earth so naturally they treated Smith with contempt—or was it an innate fear?..."

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg: "Tabby" by Winston Marks, from IF Worlds of Science Fiction (March 1954).
"Tabby was peculiar, of course, but seemed harmless: just a little green fly that couldn't even protect itself from ordinary spiders. So the spiders fed, and grew, and fed, and grew...."

@Munseys and Project Gutenberg:"The Hell Ship" by Raymond Alfred Palmer, If Worlds of Science Fiction (March 1952).
"The passengers rocketed through space in luxury. But they never went below decks because rumor had it that Satan himself manned the controls of The Hell Ship."

@Online Pulps: "The Microscopic Giants" by Paul Ernst, from Thrilling Wonder Stories (Oct. 1936). [or direct PDF download here]
"Men Go Forty Thousand Feet Below the Surface to Find Copper—and Battle with the Scurrying, Lilliputian Denizens of a Strange Land of Atomic Compression!"

Serial Fiction
@Dark Valentine Magazine: "Miss Elliot and the Eldritch" Chapter 5, by Laura Neubert.
"I stumbled out onto the roof and looked about me. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness inside Thornfield; and when once more exposed to the light of day, they were pierced by the murky daylight and ached."

Reviewed Free Fiction "Subjectivity" by Norman Spinrad (1964).
"Boredom on a long, interstellar trip can be quite a problem ... but the entertainment technique the government dreamed up for this one was a leeetle too good...!" "Am I Still There?" by James R. Hall (1963).
Which must in essence, of course, simply be the question "What do I mean by 'I'?"

@Beam Me Up: Episode #262, featuring part one of "Simulacrum" by Ken Liu and flash audio Command Decision by Patricia Stewart. And a round up of interesting science and SF tidbits.

Serial Audio
@The Author's Site: "The Starter" Episode #15 by Scott Sigler.
"In this episode, we finish up the Kraken's season opener against the Isis Ice Storm. The first half is in the books and the Krakens are behind, can they mount a second-half comeback?"

@Triplanetary: The classic Superman serial now up to "Atom Man In Metropolis" parts 13-16.

@Pencil Ink: "Hermit" [1962] Science Fiction. Mars.

@The Bloody Pulp!: "The Game Called Dying" & "Crack Up" B&W Horror.
@Grantbridge Street & other misadventures: "The Evil Eye" and "Chop Talk!" Horror. 'R' rated site.
@Ditko Comics: "Plague" [1957] Science Fiction.
@Hero (& Heroine) Histories: "Flash Gordon and the Monster Men of Tropica" [1960]
@Atomic Kommie Comics: Tara Queen of the Space Pirates in "Key of the Cuchin Van" SF.

@The Land of NOD: [Magic Items] "Nine Magic Mineral Things"
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Magic Items] "Double Daggers of Zhuvorak," "Scroll of Smuggling," and "Tokens of Parley."
@A Character for Every Game: [Monster] "MutaPacks" Mutant Future
@A Field Guide to Doomsday: [Monsters] "Cryena"and "Shatterbird"

Other Coolness
@Hairy Green Eyeball 3: Them Magazine #1 (1991). Online scans.
@Golden Age Comic Book Stories: [Art] A large Jeffrey Jones art gallery.
@The Land of NOD: [Art] Julie Collins art gallery.
@Fantasy Ink: [Art] "Science Fiction Sunday"

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