Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bizarro, Dick, Reynolds, Rusch, and More.

Added fiction since this morning's difficulties. Some good fiction (including flash and audio) today. There's a bit more weird/bizarro than usual by pure chance. More goodies tomorrow - I'm tired of my crappy internet company today. [I censored *barely* one title, so don't be shocked if it's different at the site. And I'm sure the other bizarro title will mess up Google ads, which seem to think this is a St. Louis sightseeing blog anyway).

@Lightspeed Magazine: "Scales" by Alastair Reynolds. Science Fiction.
"The reptile is splayed in a harness, stretched like a frog on the dissection table. A steady stream of soldiers-in-waiting leaves the line, jabbing an electro-prod through the bars of the cage to a chorus of jeers."

@Bizarro Central: A pair of Bizarro fiction (Over-the-top New Weird) books are available HERE in free PDF downloads until the end of the month.

1. Abortion Arcade by Cameron Pierce.
"The apocalypse is over. Now zombies farm humans for their brains. As the imprisoned human cattle drift further from their humanity, the zombies flourish in a primitive renaissance, flying around in helicopters and living in smart houses made of human brains."

and 2. Rico Slade Will F*cking Kill You by Bradley Sands.
"Rico Slade has a problem. His arch-nemesis, Baron Mayhem, is threatening to drop a bomb on the Earth that will kill every human being except himself while leaving the world’s currency intact."

@Daily Science Fiction: "Say Zucchini, and Mean It" by Peter M Ball.
"That summer you'd find them everywhere. They'd started calling it an epidemic on the news, and the government was paying a bounty to good Samaritans who called a new case in"

@The author's site: "Advisors at Naptime" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (2007). Up until Monday 30 May 2011.
"A science fiction short story of naps and world domination"

@SFFaudio: Podcast number #109 featuring "The Hanging Man" by Philip K. Dick.
"At five o'clock Ed Loyce washed up, tossed on his hat and coat, got his car out and headed across town toward his TV sales store. He was tired. His back and shoulders ached from digging dirt out of the basement and wheeling it into the back yard. But for a forty-year-old man he had done okay."

@PodCastle: Episode #158 "Gone Daddy Gone" by Josh Rountree, read by Dave Thompson. Fantasy.
"Six leather jackets lay sunning on the rocks. Moon Doggie braved the crashing waves and found the one he knew was hers. Still couldn’t say how he knew but he knew. Snatched it up, took it back to his T-Bird. It smelled like the earth and the sky. The leather was cracked and ancient."

@Beware the Hairy Mango: (All by Matthew Sanborn Smith. All Weird Flash)

Serial Audio
@The Drama Pod: Journey to the Centre of the Earth Part Twelve.
Continuing Jules Verne's classic adventure novel.

Fan and Serial Audio @Pendant Productions:

@Absent Willow Review: [Poem] "The Wolf and Red" by Pam Jessen. Horror.
@Daily Science Fiction: "The Instructions" by Amanda C. Davis.
@Mindflights: [Poem] "Visitors" by Marge Simon. Fantasy.
@Strange Horizons: [Poem] "If Alice. . ." by Alexandra Seidel. Speculative Fiction.
@Flashes in the Dark: "A Strange Word" by Michael A. Kechula. Horror.
@Flashes in the Dark: "And Da’Bitch Came Back" by Acquanetta M. Sproule. Horror.
@Eschatology: "Stitch" by Steve Toase. Horror.
@The New Flesh: "Have a Cigar" by Kurt Newton. Horror.
@The New Flesh: "Fleeting Thoughts" by Joseph W. Patterson. Horror.
@Quantum Muse: "Down and Out" by Nathan Parshall. Science Fiction.

@365 tomorrows:


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