Monday, June 27, 2011

Marie de France Audio and Other Fantasy and SF Freebies

A good mix of audio fiction today with both fiction stories having audio versions. Some very good stuff today, including a selection of Medieval fantasy stories by Marie de France, which is not nearly as stuffy as the title and art suggests. Really, could anyone write a stuffy werewolf story? The other freebies are cool too, but they already sound that way.

Comics and Classic SF to come later today or tomorrow.

Today's illustration is for "Emmett, Joey & The Beelz" in the audio section.

@Fantasy Magazine: "You Have Been Turned into a Zombie by a Friend" by Jeremiah Tolbert. Also in audio format read by Paul Boehmer.
"You know all about bending and breaking their terms of service; it would take some serious hacking, magical or mundane, to pull this off. But you suspect magic."

@Wily Writers: "Crucible" by Dan Rabarts. Also in audio format. Sci-Fi.
"After millennia spent crossing the galaxy, spawning new worlds out of barren wastes, meteorologist Cyran considers himself no longer a man, but a god. But when his lover Kayla betrays their ship, the Crucible, Cyran must choose between love and immortality as the life he has known spirals into chaos."

@Dunesteef: Episode 105 "Emmett, Joey & The Beelz" by Ralph Sevush. Fantasy.
"Seven years ago, loser drug-addict Joey and his bullying, hulking friend Emmett made a deal with the Beelz. The details are hazy, maybe something about a job, maybe something about a book, but now the word on the streets is that Beelz is back, and ready to collect."

@LibriVox: French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France translated by Eugene Mason, read by many readers. Fantasy.
"It is a certain thing, and within the knowledge of all, that many a christened man has suffered this change, and ran wild in woods, as a Were-Wolf. The Were-Wolf is a fearsome beast. He lurks within the thick forest, mad and horrible to see. All the evil that he may, he does. He goeth to and fro, about the solitary place, seeking man, in order to devour him. Hearken, now, to the adventure of the Were-Wolf, that I have to tell."

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The Starter chapter 20" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
"Quentin realizes he has to bond with the entire team -- not just the humans -- if the Krakens are going to change their losing ways. Sharing a meal with the huge and vicious Ki offensive linemen will prove to be a multicutural experience not soon forgotten."

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