Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Freebies Part One - Sci-Fi Comics

Some cool classic Sci-fi comics this morning. Illustration from "The Secret of the Hidden Planet!" below.

@The Fabulous Fifties: "The Secret of the Hidden Planet!" Sci-Fi. In with other Gene Colon stories (mostly war).

@Grantbridge Street: "Kingdom on an Island of the Apes" B&W. Sci-Fi. [PG comic - R rated site]

@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: "Arena" Sci-Fi. Based on Fredric Brown story.

@Atomic Kommie Comics: Two versions of "Invasion" Sci-Fi. Interesting to see how pre-code comics stories were edited for post-code standards.

@Atomic Kommie Comics: Ken Brady in "Boy Who Wasn't There" and "Pirates of the Airwaves" Sci-Fi.

@Secret Sanctum of Captain Video: Beneath the Planet of the Apes the conclusion. Sci-Fi.

@Digital Comics Museum: Unusual Tales #12 (1958). Weird Tales. Free membership required.

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