Monday, June 20, 2011


Some great free fiction today including a Holly Philips short story in Fantasy Magazine and a Jason Sanford story dramatized at LightningBolt Theater. More good stuff later because, as normal, I'm running late. I really should get organized but honestly, it's more likely that a herd of winged unicorns will fly down from the sky and perform the latest Blackmore's Night album than me getting organized.

@Fantasy Magazine: "Virgin of the Sands" by Holly Phillips.
"Graham came out of the desert leaving most of his men dead behind him. He debriefed, he bathed, he dressed in a borrowed uniform, and without food, without rest, though he needed both, he went to see the girl."
@Daily Science Fiction: "The Thinning" by Christopher Owen.
"Becky was in her kitchen, mixing up a batch of love potion, when the electric people knocked at her door."
@AE: The Canadian SF Review: "Humans Love You" by Tracy Canfield.
"The Aerumnula name for the station worked out to Floats Above Blue Planet with White Moon, but Jordan Eversley thought of it as Three Loud Buzzes and a Fart. It held fifty-eight hundred Aerumnulae, of which three hundred were coiled on the concave auditorium floor. Fifty-eight hundred Aerumnulae and Jordan."

Serial Fiction
@Strange Horizons: "The All-Night Truck Stop Polka Band (part 2 of 2)" by Shaenon K. Garrity. Spec. Fiction.
"A muscular, white-toothed UPS man stood in the hall. Except that he wasn't a UPS man. Someone had clearly put a lot of work into the uniform, but it was the wrong shade of brown and some of the insignias read PSU. He had two lobes on each ear, which was probably another mistake."
@L5R: "The Destroyer War, Part 15" by Shawn Carman. Fantasy.
"Only a short time ago, the lands around the River of Gold had been beautiful, worthy of being depicted in a hundred paintings, mentioned in a thousand poems. That was before the Destroyers had come."
@Mindflights: "Saplings" by Lindsey Duncan. Fantasy.
"Hevia was an herbalist before she obtained mysterious powers and found herself caring for royal children. When a menace in the trees steals away one of her charges, she sets off to bring him back with a nanny's magic."

@LightningBolt Theater: "Peacemaker, Peacemaker, Little Bo Peep" by Jason Sanford, performed by a full cast.
"When your neighbors and friends suddenly turn against you because their dreams tell them to hate violence, your main priority is to survive. The world has turned upside down for Sgt. Glosser, Sgt. Davies and the convicted murderer Victor."

Serial Audio
@Beam Me Up: Episode 266 "Luna Voices on the Solar Winds, part 1" by Rick Wood. And "Dark Inspectre episode 13" by Jason Kahn
"a research outing on the surface of the Moon goes horribly wrong when a science / research outing gets trapped in the open by a solar eruption which blinds their maps, and scrambles their communications"
@Cthulhu: "The Fire Of Asshurbanipal, part 2" by Robert E. Howard.
"In this episode we get to hear the completion of the "Fire" story with its juicey Cthulhu references and adventure."
@Author's Site: "The Starter, episode #19" by Scott Sigler.
"The Krakens finish their game against the Themala Dreadnaughts. Will Quentin run the plays that are called? Or, will he again try to run his own game instead of running the offensive of coach Hokor the Hookchest?"
@Dramapod: "Journey to the Centre of the Earth Part Fourteen" by Jules Verne.
The classic story continues.
@Triplanetary: "The Adventures of Superman: Looking For Kryptonite parts 11-15."
"Can Superman successfully track down the missing pieces of kryptonite? The plot is beginning to return to the standard mystery/thriller style storyline that typifies the series."

Fan Audio
@Misfits Audio Productions: "Star Rabbit Tracks Ep 2-06: Return of Deadeye" by N.J. Rainford, performed by a full cast.
"A spot of R & R for the crew of the Jackalope leads to a bigger adventure for Lt Taddy McZacker when he encounters a face from the past, Deadeye Eastlife."

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