Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part One: Audio Fiction and Gaming

Some cool freebies - More later.

@PodCastle: Episode #162 "Gods of the North" featuring Conan the Barbarian, by Robert E. Howard, read by Graeme Dunlop.
Across the red drifts and mail-clad forms, two figures glared at each other. In that utter desolation only they moved. The frosty sky was over them, the white illimitable plain around them, the dead men at their feet. Slowly through the corpses they came, as ghosts might come to a tryst through the shambles of a dead world. In the brooding silence they stood face to face.
@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "Poe-etic Justice" by Julie Hoverson, adapted from Edgar Allen Poe.
(loosely adapted and modernized from "Hop-Frog" by Edgar Allen Poe) In a classic 1970s frat house, pranks turn dark, and revenge is ...toasty.

@Wily Writers Podcast: “Upon a Star” by Debbie Cowens.
"In a city where Prince Charmings can’t be trusted and getting what your heart desires can be deadly, a string of murders leads PI Robin Goodfellow to the Blue Fairy night club. Noir meets Fae in a tale of lust, betrayal, corruption and broken dreams."
Serial Audio
@Pendant Audio Production: "The Line episode 2x04: Solus, Part II" Fantasy.

@DriveThruRPG: "Nightmare on Hill Manor"
"Quickstart scenario for the World of Darkness. There are times when the rational world seems, if only for a second, to fall away. The leaves rustling in the trees on a still day. The movement just past the corner of your eye. We are taught to ignore the foolish impulse to react."

@The Free RPG Blog: Reviewed and linked to "Dave’s Mapper"
"a free online mapping tool that takes the community Geomorphs and allows you to generate maps, either by random or by semi-random switch and rotate."

@The Savage After World: "World of Thundarr the Barbarian Sourcebook for Mutant Future."
@DriveThruRPG: [Sidetrek] "Shrine of the Risen" D20/Pathfinder.
@Kobold Quarterly: [Monsters] "Sand Giants" and "Mnemonic Slime" 4E.
@WotC: [Cartoon] "Epic Campaign #5"
@A Field Guide to Doomsday: [Monsters] "Briarbear" and "Narl" Mutant Future.
@Sea of Stars: [Magic Item] "Blessed Soil of the Green Mother"
@Blog on the Borderlands: [Magic Items] "Wand of Lethargy" and "Club of Endless Beatings"
@Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: [Monsters] "Stray Sod," "Seether," and "Rat, Infernal"


Rob Lang said...

As always, thanks for the linkage, Dave! :)

Dave Tackett said...

Always a pleasure. Your reviews are a valuable resource.

Debbie Cowens said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad I found your blog - those other audio links look great.

I must go check out 'Poe-etic justice'. Sounds awesome.


Debbie Cowens

Dave Tackett said...

You're Welcome. I've been looking for more good Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance sites and am very happy to have found Wily Writers.

Yes, there are many great free audio sites out there, most of which play a variety of styles within their genre. I'm grateful to them all.