Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Freebies

Another day of cool free fiction, audio fiction, and comics. Once again, time is not my friend and some good stuff will have to wait until tomorrow, such as most of the comics. Still, there is some great stuff today for reading and listening to. Thanks to SF Signal for letting me know that Beware the Hairy Mango had resumed posting flash audio. So from the land of infinite typos, I "bit" you adieu until tomorrow - likely later in the day.

@Ray Gun Revival: "What the Bullet Sang" by Michael Ehart.
The last cave-in took out Harmon and half our team. Terrell was hit then, but the wound that was killing her came as the Morph was carrying her out. Spalls ran across the Morph’s back, a dotted line broken by where it had held Terrell in a fireman’s carry.

@ChiZine Volume 47, Week 11 is now posted.
"All the Pretty Boys" by Michael Rowe.
"Vulnerable, Dale thought. He smiled. New to the city? Maybe a hustler, or maybe just thinking about it. The kid’s jeans and boots were mall-cheap, and even from a distance Dale’s expert eye detected that the jacket was vinyl."
"Bombay and Mercy Chase the Long Hand" by Daniel A. Rabuzzi.
“He was nine feet tall if he was an inch,” said the sailor sitting in the office of Matchett & Frew, wholesale merchants in the City of London. “Body lean as a needle, with legs like a stork, and his nose . . . well, sirs, I could hardly credit it myself, but his nose was as long as my arm and had three nostrils.”
"Consent" by Nancy Baker.
"The planes come in, running ahead of a freak desert electrical storm. Radios crackle with pleas and threats. From the exhaust trails, the subtle, sweet tang of blood and vengeance drifts down to touch the tarmac."
"Just Like the Ones He Used to Know" by Robert J. Wiersema.
"He remembered the snow falling more than once as they had gone out to find a tree. He remembered driving the logging roads up in the hills around the lake, crammed into the cab of his father’s pick-up truck"
"Lizards" by Brent Hayward.
"This same lady brought two monsters into the world already, one of them boneless kinds that’s kid’s play to put down and another one that came out with teeth and claws and a bad attitude that hadn’t been so easy to send back to the depths these things crawl from. Put an officer in the hospital."
"Military Secrets of the Zionist Enemy" by Lavie Tidhar.
"They say he was still alive when they caught him. They say they did experiments on him. Radiation. All sorts of . . . well. Chemical, biological stuff. They had Iraqi scientists working on him."
"Radio Nowhere" by Douglas Smith.
"She stepped out of the studio and snaked an arm around Liam’s waist, pulling him into a hug. They stood there holding each other for a moment. Breaking it off, she slapped him on the bum and headed towards the door, squeezing past the crammed shelves of vinyl and CD’s. 'Let us rock.'"
"Scenes from the Skoobie Revolution" by Claude Lalumière.
"A nun got on the bus and sat in the empty two-seater facing Correy and Norman. The two white boys had been holding hands, whispering pervy jokes, and giggling, but they instinctively let go of each other as soon as they caught sight of her. "
"The Tale of the Princess and Her Hero" by Robert Boyczuk.
"At the sound the Princess went rigid; her eyes snapped open. Blackness shrouded her. She might as well have been blind. Beneath her cheek the stone flags of her cell were cold and reeked of ancient piss. She lifted her head, grit and the threads of soiled straw clinging to her jaw, and strained to listen. "

Serial Audio Tuesday Terror Episode #08 "Perry Dawsey, Are You Okay?" Part 1 of 2. by OJ OgreOregon, performed by Arioch Morningstar. Horror.
"This story is written parallel to Scott [Sigler's] novel Infected" . . . [In it] "alien parasites rain down upon humanity, frequently causing violent psychotic episodes in those whom they contaminate. Perry Dawsey is one of those afflicted by the parasites."
@Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: "Hanuman’s Gift part two" written and narrated by Helen E. H. Madden. Steampunk.
"After hearing Agent Harrison Thorne’s impossible tale of cursed monkeys and undead women Whitby must file away the physical evidence. However it just may be that Hanuman’s Gift was not totally left behind in India, and the Archives are not as boring and safe as he believes."
Flash Audio
@Beware the Hairy Mango: Episode 80 "A Hell of a Licking" by Matthew Sanborn Smith. [weird fiction]

@Atomic Kommie Comics: "The Face on Mars" from Race for the Moon (195?). Sci-Fi.
In a rather cool coincidence(?) a 1950s SF comic book published a story about a face on Mars, roughly two decades before some overzealous and less than rational individuals thrust another silly conspiracy theory upon the world. Maybe they were subconsciously inspired by having read this earlier in there lives. You be the judge.

@Pappy's Golden Age Blogzine: Two stories from Black Knight #3 (1955), "The Crusader" and an unnamed one. Historical / Fantasy.


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>>So from the land of infinite typos, I "bit" you adieu

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