Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Freebies.

A few free goodies to start the weekend. Things have been a bit rough here recently so likely there will be some catching up this weekend and early next week.

@Ray Gun Revival: "Siren’s Call" by James C.G. Shirk. Science Fiction.
"The voice whispered across the vast reaches of cold, dark space. It whispered a simple message, unambiguous to those who had once listened so very long ago. But would they remember?"
@Daily Science Fiction: "Barnaby: Or, As Luck Would Have It" by K. G. Jewell. Science Fiction.
"I write to announce I have safely arrived in Paris, my zeppelin passing over the unfortunate disagreements in the Channel."
@Short-Story Me: "The Favored Son" by Philip Roberts. Horror.
"Brian, the youngest at the age of twenty-two, reached forward to offer aide, but Jacob stopped the act with a brief shake of his head, face all but consumed by the darkness. He kept his head down, the oldest and the keeper of his father’s life"
@Pixel of Ink: The American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum [Kindle Only] [via SF Signal]
"This history of the future covers every conspiracy imaginable: UFOs, secret societies, and World War III, as well as theories on life after death and human evolution."
Details@SF Signal: 'Solis' by A.A. Attanasio. Science Fiction.
"Charlie Outis has no idea of what the world might be like in the far future after he decides to have his brain frozen with the slim hope of it being revived one day."
Serial Fiction
@Philippine Genre Stories: "Sweet (Part 2)" by Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon.
"Yna had arrived at Canterbury the next day the most determined she had ever been. "
@White Wolf: "Silent Knife (part 12)" by David Nurenberg. Horror/Urban Fantasy.
"Ariadne thoughts raged. She had walked in on Po-Mo and his boys gathered in the younger vampire’s quarters, arms linked, performing Liliane’s unity ritual."
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck’s Avatar–Entry #6" by Jeff VanderMeer. Science Fiction.
"Bashmachkin outranked Pavlov in several ways. For example, at a word to Moscow from Boris the Bore, Pavlov would find himself in front of a firing squad or sent to a work camp in the Far East. "

@Pseudopod: "Lights" by Jack Westlake, read by Barry J. Northern. Horror.
"The city’s shadows deepen, darken. The sky turns a thicker shade of grey, and then to black. The moon glows behind a cloud. I rest my head on the windowsill. Far away, two cats fight. A distant gunshot like a clapping of hands makes me snap my head up. I’m still not used to this."

@Cast Macabre: "Big Inches" by Ralph Robert Moore, read by Alasdair Stuart. Horror.
"Pottah turned the engine off and reached clumsily into his hip pocket for his wallet. He opened it and flipped to his driver's license. "Would you please remove it from your wallet and pass it out the window to me?" Great. He took the license out of its sticky plastic slip and held it out to the guard."

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