Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free Fiction (Verne, Swirsky, VenderMeer, Vardeman), Comics, Fan Audio, More

Another day of cool freebies, and even though it has been a rough week here at QD (too little time and too much fatigue), the freebies must go on.

Some cool free fiction, including two complete 'zines and an Electric Velocipede classic. Continuing serial fiction by greats Jeff VanderMeer and Robert E. Vardeman. The start of an audio serial at StarShipSofa by also great Rachel Swirsky and a continuing one by Jules Verne (I think I might have heard of him) and Star Trek fan audio. And for the icing on the cake - some very fun classic comics.

Today's illustration is from "Plow and Sword" in the fiction section.

Now Posted: On the Premises #14 (July 2011). Speculative Fiction.
"Three-Quarter Martian" by C. R. Hodges. Science Fiction.
"The first man to walk on the moon was a hero to five generations. The first woman to walk on Mars was forgotten even before her boots plunked into the red dust."
"The Knuth Number" by Micah Joel. Science Fiction.
"Vivek dropped his naan. It actually worked?"
"Marma Shells" by Deborah Walker.
“I’ve seen the patterns, Marma. You said I should come and tell you, if I ever saw them.”
"Advertise Here" by Kelli D. Meyer.
"Vampires don’t pay much attention to advertising."
"Time Was" by Alyson Hilbourne. Science Fiction.
"The fractions disappeared first."
@Electric Velocipede: "The Bear Dresser’s Secret" by Richard Bowes. Fantasy.
"Early one morning Sigistrix the Bear Dresser left the Duchess and her castle. He gave no warning before he slammed the golden tricorn hat, the sign of a Grand Master of the Animal Dressers Guild onto his head and picked up his suitcase."

Now Posted: Aphelion June/July 2011. Science Fiction.
With science fiction by Francisco Mejia, E. S. Strout, P. B. Hampton, Andrew Nagel, C. B. Lovas, P. F. White, John Dougherty, Bruce Memblatt, Richard Tornello, David Barber, Kurt Heinrich Hyatt, Christopher Berry, Kurt Heinrich Hyatt, Benjamin Green, James O'Sullivan, George Morrow, Richard Tornello, Francis Bass, Mike Wilson, Jeremy Kuban, Dave Weaver, Dave Weaver, Matthew Acheson, and S. H. Hughes. (And poetry and filk music)

Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck (Mountain)–Entry #12" by Jeff VanderMeer.
"Everything that rises must resolve. But when I drift, I drift, and a mountain can drift for a long time. A mountain can drift and still function. This language cannot convey the concept so I must repeat, must keep trying in different ways. I drift, I resolve, I fold inward while turning outward. No, it’s no use." Pathfinder Tales "Plow and Sword - Chapter Two: The Lord's Due" by Robert E. Vardeman
"Rorr exploded through the wall of flames and stumbled past, finding relative cool beyond. The fire arrow had not yet spread its fury deeper into the granary, but he knew that the building and its grain stores were already far past saving."

Serial Audio
@StarShipSofa: "The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath The Queen’s Window Pt 1 of 3" by Rachel Swirsky, read by Amy H. Sturgis.
"My story should have ended on the day I died. Instead, it began there. Sun pounded on my back as I rode through the Mountains where the Sun Rests. My horse’s hooves beat in syncopation with those of the donkey that trotted in our shadow. The queen’s midget Kyan turned his head toward me, sweat dripping down the red-and-blue protections painted across his malformed brow."
@Drama Pod: Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Part Fifteen by Jules Verne
The cool classic continues.
Fan Audio
@Pendant Productions: Episode 58 of Star Trek: Defiant.
"Murder and espionage are exposed as Captain Bridges vies with the Klingons for a world!"

@Atomic Kommie Comics:"Return of the Azteks" "Strong Bow meets up with Aztecs from the stars in this tale from Space Western Comics #42." Sci-Fi.

@Diversions of the Groovy Kind: "Slime World" cool black and white horror from Nightmare #5 and "Mr. Beazely's Ghosts" a ghost story from Ghost Manor.

@The Horrors of It All:"Master of the Undead" "Time to walk with the zombies, from the Sept. '53 issue of Baffling Mysteries #17" Horror.

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