Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Free Fiction and Audio Fiction

Just some cool free fiction and audio for the mid-week.

Now Posted: The Lorelei Signal (Jul - Sept '11) Fantasy. with
"A Very Special Child" - Sylvia Hiven
"The birth of a child is always a joyous occasional -- but what about when things
are not the way they seem or recognized for what they really are?"
"Deadly Decisions" by T.M. Hunter
"A Fugitive Hunter - turn assassin - learns a lesson in letting her heart get involved
in her assignment."
"The Green Balloon" by Sara Backer
"Inititian comes at 20 years of age, but no one knows what it consists of. Rinjie is
given 20 credits, 1 for each year of her life and expected to make her purchases
without knowing what she will need."
"The Hatching" by Darla J Bowen
"Jeara faces punishment from the Council when she keeps a promise to her
deceased husband by taking their son to witness a dragon hatching. Will a startling
discover strengthen the Guardians or further seperate her family?"
"The Instrument of Fate" by R.S. Bohn
"Moria, one of the ancient Fates, has the difficult task of keeping the newest
incarnation of Death in line. A task made more difficult by his 'I don't care about
this job' attitude -- and even more difficult when she must defend him from
"Journey's End" by Clare M. Clerkin-Russell
"In the far distant future-mankind has lost much of itself as it moved out into space
and away from Earth. Now, a 'Collector' and her passenger find themselves in
possesion of an pre-flight artifact that contains amazing information about who
humans really are."
"Norn" by Jeremiah Job Levine.
"Tiara finds a special skein of yarn and discovers a magic she never knew she had
as well as the costs and responsibilities of that magic."
@Cosmos: "Day Break" by Greg Mellor.
"He'd had enough of watching the days deteriorate. The time had come to investigate the thing that caused the breaking of the world."

Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "The Journals of Doctor Mormeck’s Avatar–Entry #5" by Jeff VanderMeer.
"The days and nights have blurred together here, in the winter city by the river. My missions for Pavlov have blurred with my drinking sessions. My Komodo and Mormeck natures have become blurred, too."

@Cast Macabre: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Edward Morris. Read by Barry J. Northern. Horror.
"a story-poem after the style of many of the poems in Neil Gaiman's Smoke & Mirrors. John Shirley gave him the idea when he mentioned British Petroleum and a certain Elder God in the same Facebook post."
Serial Audio
@Guild of Cowry Catchers: "Cowry Catchers Book 3 – Episode 9" Fantasy.

@World in a Satin Bag: "Chapter Thirteen (Of the World Below)" by Shaun Duke.
"After a short delay, the new episode is here. James and his companions are stuck in the dark world below the earth while Arlin City fights of Luthien's forces. But the world below is not what it seems."

Fan Audio
@Giant Gnome: "Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 26 – The Melnoran Solution – Part I"
"When the Chimera fulfills its mission to take the Betazoid Ambassador Briz Nemon to the planet known as Melnora, they soon discover the situation is not everything the Ambassador promised, nor dreamed, it would be."

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