Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Fiction, Audio Fiction, and Comics Links

Some more good, free stuff. [Tuesday's post will be very late]

@Fantasy Magazine: "The Pragmatical Princess" by Nisi Shawl.
"Princess Ousmani had fallen asleep in her chains, from boredom. She woke to the weight of a dragon’s head resting uncomfortably on her stomach. One rough, scaly paw kneaded her left shoulder, pricking at her skin."

@Electric Velocipede: "The Euonmyist" by Neil Williamson. Science Fiction.
@Mindflights: "The Hand with the Knife" by Jeff Chapman. Fantasy.
@Ray Gun Revival: "The Cowboys of Carnostus" by Timothy Miller. Science Fiction. "Love Killer" by Sarah Ashwood & Kyle MacDougall. Fantasy.

@Pixel of Ink [Kindle]:
@Free eBooks Daily [DRM]:

@Beam Me Up: "Elko" by Harris Tobias and "Time Enough" by Steve Carter. Science Fiction.
@Cthulhu: "The Demons Between" by Larry Mendel. Horror.

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The Starter Episode #26" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction.
@Journey Into: "The Machine Stops (part 1)" by E.M. Forster, performed by a full cast.

Non-Fiction Podcasts
@SFFaudio: "Podcast #120" – Scott, Jesse and Tamahome talk to Allan Kaster
@SF Signal: "Episode 072" - Panel Discussion of Under-Explored Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

@Comic Book Catacombs: Wild Boy in "The Witch Doctor" (1951). Adventure.
@Comic Book Catacombs: Rulah Jungle Goddess in "The Poison Sourswine" (1948). Adventure.
@Horrors of It All: "?" Horror (1953)
@Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: "He Pierced the Unknown" (1958).
@Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: A "Tor" story from 1954. Adventure.
@Secret Sanctum of Captain Video: Captain Video in "Hidden Island" Sci-Fi.

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