Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Morning Free Fiction

A few fiction finds for this Wednesday morning. There's an Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms) story with an unusual origin, three free, and very different, genre eZines online, and a few free "eBooks" for your Kindle compatible device. Also there are reviews of free SF stories (all with links to the free story), and a bit of audio fiction and classic OTR. A bit more to come later.

Today's illustration is from AntipodeanSF #158 below.

@WotC: "The Rise of Bardic Beauty" by Ed Greenwood. Fantasy.
"At Gen Con in 2010, Ed Greenwood and a room full of Gen Con attendees met together at the Spin a Yarn seminar to create a work of cooperative storytelling. Each person in the seminar had a chance (or several) to make suggestions"

Now posted: Cafe Irreal Issue 39 [surreal fiction]:
Now posted: Residential Aliens 5.5 [Speculative Fiction]:
Now Posted: AntipodeanSF #158 [via Beam Me Up]

@Pixel of Ink [Kindle]:
Reviewed Free SF
@Variety SF: "Delayed Action" by Charles V. De Vet. Science Fiction. (1953) "Genome" by Giri. Science Fiction. (2010) "The Hell Ship" by Ray Palmer. Science Fiction. (1952)

Audio SF
@Antipodean SF: "AntiSF Radio Show 157 Delta" featuring "The Succession" by David Scholes, "Linda's Boat" by David McVeigh, "Captive" by Claire Lockyer, and "Toyshop" by Harry Harrison, read by Cori Samuel.

@Triplanetary: The Adventures of Superman "Mystery Of The Lost Planet Parts 1-4" (1947).

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