Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Freebies

@Daily Science Fiction: "The Ritual of Names in Prague in the Last Days of the New Empire" by Bernie Mojzes.
@Ray Gun Revival" "Flawed Tool" by Steven H. Newton.

Serial Fiction
@Author's Site: "Paradigm Shift #9" by Misa Buckley. Urban Fantasy.
@Author's Site: "Deluge (Part 85)" by Brian Keene. Horror.

@Escape Pod: "The Faithful Soldier, Prompted" by Saladin Ahmed, read by Rajan Khanna.
@Pseudopod: "Killing Merwin Remis" by Jason Helmandollar, read by Big Anklevich.

Serial Audio
@The Classic Tales Podcast: "Anthem, Part 2 of 2" by Ayn Rand, read by B.J. Harrison.

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