Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Just a start, will add more tomorrow.

@AEG: "One Path, Many Truths" by Yoon Ha Lee. Fantasy.
"from Story Team newcomer Yoon Ha Lee, who regales us with tales of those mysterious tattooed monks, the ise zumi of the Dragon Clan!"

@Fantasy Magazine: "Three Damnations: A Fugue" by James Alan Gardner.
"I woke naked in the garden. Nothing grew there—not even weeds. Just withered stalks that looked ages old. Maybe dating back to when things were still okay. The darkness was beginning to brighten. I always came to, just before dawn."
@Subterranean: "Antiquities and Tangibles" by Tim Pratt.
"And yet…happiness…it’s a bit abstract, isn’t it? As the front door says, I deal in antiquities and tangibles. Which is not to say I can’t cope with more aspirational requests–if you asked for the aforementioned wealth or power, or for youth, or beauty, or inspiration, I have items that can grant all those wishes"

Now Posted: Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Sept. 2011. Featuring fiction by Jack Dowden, Rusty Keele, Susan Stec, Richard Tornello, Melissa Pryor, Matthew Acheson, Errett Williams, Robin Lipinski, Mike Wilson, Kaye Branch, and Julie Travis.

Serial Fiction

@Kat and Mouse: "Into The Woods- Part One" by Abner Senires.
"Mouse and I had just walked into our shared flat above the Red Dog bar at 20:30 and flipped on the lights, when my phone chirped."

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