Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Midweek Links

Still short of time but some great free fiction and audio links today including a story by Ursula K. Le Guin.

@Cosmos: "Endangered species" by Joel Richards.
"They're offering a million pounds to send a hunting party back in time... another million if they return with a head."
@Lightspeed: "The Island of the Immortals" by Ursula K. Le Guin.
"Somebody asked me if I’d heard that there were immortal people on the Yendian Plane, and somebody else told me that there were, so when I got there, I asked about them."
Now Posted: Untied Shoelaces of the Mind - Issue 5. SF/Fantasy/Horror flash.

@Beam Me Up: Episode #280 "After Hours at the Black hole" by C.J. Wolf and "Tale for all the World" by Devin Miller

@Drama Pod: "Image of the Gods" by Alan Edward Nourse.

@Drama Pod: "The Last Evolution" by John Campbell Jr. read by Winfred Henson.
"An evolution involving man and machine.
@Drama Pod: "The Big Fix" by George Oliver Smith.
"The hero of this story needs to fix a race but there is just one problem, everyone can read minds and that makes it tricky."

@Dunesteef: "Death And Michelle Jenkins" by Christopher Munroe.
Michelle’s mother and father aren’t quite sure about their daughter’s most recent choice in her love life. Sure, the kid with the Mohawk and the sternum piercing was not what they’d hoped for, but now she’s going out with The Grim Reaper?
@LibriVox: "Montezuma’s Castle and Other Weird Tales" by Charles B. Cory.
"This is a collection of weird tales inspired from the natural history expeditions of the author"
@Lightspeed: "The Island of the Immortals" by Ursula K. Le Guin, read by Gabrielle De Cuir.
See above.

@PodCastle: "Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac" by George R. Galuschak, read by Norm Sherman.
She raises her head and looks at him: middle-aged weirdo in a Cadillac. Tom Cruise shades; charcoal suit; porkpie hat; looks about 40, like her dad. Probably smokes; a hint of ash about him.

Serial Audio
@Author's Site: "The Starter Episode 33" by Scott Sigler.
The tension between Quentin and Ju has finally come to a head. Ju's purposefully detrimental antics on the field are hurting the Krakens in more ways than one: the standings, the team unity, and the their ability to excel.

@Cthulhu: "The Damned, part 3" Horror.

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