Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday Freebies

Even more great free SF, Fantasy, and horror - including new episodes of StarShipSofa, PodCastle, and other great podcasts. And equally good free text fiction.

@Asimov's Science Fiction: "The Cult of Whale Worship" by Dominica Phetteplace. [PDF].
"The problem with handling diseased animals is that you might catch what they have. Since the rats were infected with the suicide bug three months ago,Tetsuo was sure he had traded his brain for a ticking time bomb. In addition to severe headaches, he found himself lingering a little too long on bridges and tall balconies." "Day One" by Matthew J. Costello. Horror.
"Everyone says nothing about what really happens."
@Mindflights: "Shipminds and Ice Cream" by Kevin Ikenberry. Science Fiction.
"Lee Eaton knew his father would do something like re-enlist, even as his mind succumbed to Alzheimer's."
@Free eBooks Daily [DRM]:
@Pixel of Ink [Kindle]:


@Dunesteef: "All The Cool Monsters At Once" by James Alan Gardner.
"It starts with Ogopogo. Then, the floodgates are opened, and a deluge of monsters from all parts of Canada appear, heading for…Winnipeg? What will Canada do?"

@StarShipSofa: "Bring On The Rain" by Josh Roseman and "The Sultan of The Clouds Pt 3" by Geoffrey A Landis. Read by Josh Roseman and Jonathan Danz. Science Fiction.
"I tried to remember what I knew about the sultan of the clouds, satrap of the fabled floating cities. It seemed very far away from everything I knew. The society, I thought I remembered, was said to be decadent and perverse, but I knew little more. The inhabitants of Venus kept to themselves."
@PodCastle: "The Parable of the Shower" by Leah Bobet, read by Laurice White. Fantasy.
"The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the shower at the worst possible moment: one hand placed upon thy right buttock and the other bearing soap, radio blaring, humming a heathen song of sin."
@19 Nocturne Boulevard: "Caveat Emptor" by Julie Hoverson, performed by a full cast. Horror.
"Bud, Rena and Matilda (from Force Majeure) return as Bud tries to weasel out of a ... sort of a ... deal. And let the buyer beware!"

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