Thursday, October 13, 2011


Some free audio and serial fiction. Illustration from "The Box" by Bill Ward.

Serial Fiction
@Paizo: "The Box - Chapter Three: Nothing Ventured" by Bill Ward. Fantasy.
"Kostin swiftly bound the arms of the unconscious Shoanti with rawhide tethers and gagged them with wads of cloth. Gyrd stepped in when he was finished, reeking of sour sweat and stale mead, and threw a guard over each broad shoulder. The Ulfen's chainmail jangled under the load."
Audio Fiction
@Dunesteef: "Giving Birth" by Philip Roberts. Horror.
"When a household mishap causes Rudy to lose his finger, he discovers more than just dead tissue: something alive about the severed digit. How could that happen? What does it mean? Where is it going? I just can’t put my finger on it…"
@LibriVox: "Tales of Old Japan" by Lord Redesdale, read by many readers.
"contains a number of classic Japanese stories, fairy tales, and other folklore; as well as Japanese sermons and non-fiction pieces"

@StarShipSofa: "The Big Trip Up Yonder" by Kurt Vonnegut. Science Fiction.
"If it was good enough for your grandfather, forget it ... it is much too good for anyone else!"

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